Update on Amnesty’s Shell Advert

We recently shared how Amnesty UK are raising awareness of environmental concerns about Shell’s operations in the Niger Delta, Africa. They’d asked people to donate for them to run an advert in London and National Press on the day of Shell’s AGM so that shareholders would be reminded to think of both sides of the equation, people and planet vs progress and profit. The hope was that Shell shareholders would press management to up it’s standards. After all the company has record profits. It can afford to be careful with what it does.

Although the Financial Times dropped the Amnesty Shell ad at the last minute, several other publications accepted it. Amnesty have created this short video to summarise the issues that Shell needs to address:

Shell in the Niger Delta from Amnesty International on Vimeo.

If you have views on this share it on Twitter with the tag #shellagm, or send it directly to @shelldotcom. You can also follow the Protect The Human Shell Ad blog by Amnesty. We’re still hopeful that Shell can take the responsibility it’s privileged position requires and contribute it’s wonders to the world in a fashion that doesn’t harm people, animals or endanger the planet for future generations.

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