Sleep Purrfectly

Our little girl, Lucky, has the knack of sleeping:

Lucky cat sleeping

Lucky cat sleeping

Despite looking like she’s been out with her boyfriend all night singing silly songs, she has great sleeping habits and that keeps her cheerful and affectionate.

For her, sleeping comes naturally. Lucky doesn’t sit up late pondering the news, she doesn’t get wired on coffee all day long and she doesn’t seem to fussed about what the future may or may not hold. What about us?

A good night’s sleep is one of the vital foundations for long term health. You probably can get by with the odd late night here and there whilst years of consistently getting poor sleep or short changing yourself on sleep will increase the rate at which your body ages and with that the likelihood of degenerative disease being part of your future.

What can we do to help ensure of sleep is more restful? Here are a few tips:

  1. Dim the lights as the evening progresses.
    Light naturally makes the body produce neurotransmitters and hormones to be awake. In nature, sunset switches these off and makes us feel sleepy. In the modern world we have daylight at the flick of a light switch! Use the dimmer or switch to side lights if the main light is to strong and use lower wattage bulbs
  2. Oxygenate
    We breathe less deeply when we sleep and many of us close the windows as we live in colder countries. It’s therefore common for us to get a lot less oxygen than we need during the night as this oxygen is meant to be used by the body in it’s restoration processes. Try taking 10 drops of Aerobic Oxygen with a glass of water before sleeping each night. It’ll help the internal organs stay oxygenated so that they can keep working while your brain switches off
  3. Go Before You Go
    Sleeping with a full colon will mean that many of the toxins within the colon get reabsorbed into the body. This autointoxication means other organs have to take over the elimination workload on behalf of the colon. Have you ever gone to sleep and woken up to find a big zit appeared on your face? That’s the skin taking over. What about bad breath or snoring? That’s the lungs and nose trying to clear toxins. In either case, if the colon were empty, these symptoms would be either significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. You could take a home enema before sleeping or use Digestion Stimulator or Oxy-powder. If you are regularly getting constipated, do a full colon cleanse

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