Robert Redfern, Serrapeptase, Blockbuster AllClear, Serranol & 30 Years in Health

One of our objectives at The Detox Shop is to take a responsible view on the products we promote. We read widely, attend many seminars, we try the products on ourselves and we also spend a lot of time talking to the people behind the products. We think it’s important to hear their story, to find out why they do what they do and in what ways their products can be used to best effect. One man with many years of experience in the health industry is Robert Redfern. Robert Redfern is a nutritionist, formulator and broadcaster and we speak with him at regularly. Many his products you may have heard of include the enzyme serrapeptase. When we spoke Robert most recently the progression in his work was more apparent than ever.

Robert Redfern, formulator of serrapeptase products including Blockbuster AllClear

Our Angela with Robert Redfern, formulator of serrapeptase products including Blockbuster AllClear

Robert’s 2002 serrapeptase product was SerraPlus+, a formulation that mixed serrapeptase with MSM and trace minerals. It’s a great formula for combating inflammation and remains one of his best products for sports injury sufferers. But he didn’t stop there. In 2006 he introduced Blockbuster AllClear. This new formula quickly became known because it targeted cardiovascular health with a mix of enzymes including serrapeptase, clot dissolving nattokinase, Protease S and other enzymes together with a range of supporting co-factors. Next up, in 2010, came Serranol, a new formula that’s particular to inflammation with it’s mix of serrapeptase, curcumin, seaweed extract and vitamin D. Combining these nutrients together, sufferers of inflammation based conditions get the best support. And then on top, there’s still the original ‘miracle enzyme’ formula, Serrazyme, which is simply pure serrapeptase on it’s own in a high strength dose.

Robert started getting into health in the 80s, having previously not looked into the subject much. It wasn’t until the premature passing of his parents in their 60s that he got a shock that made him realise he needed to take this aspect of life seriously and re-evaluate his priorities. Soon he discovered that diet and lifestyle are the biggest reasons that some people enjoy lasting health whilst others suffer all the pain and anguish of deteriorating as time passes. At 65, Robert is still in as good a health as when we first met him, several years ago.

Robert told us that at the moment, he’s concerned about the effect of EU bureaucracy on the health of the region. The trend of late has been increased support of pharmaceutical healthcare whilst adding steps to make life difficult for nutritional supplements. A short while ago, it became illegal to market nutritional products with health claims unless they were backed by official scientific studies to back up the claims, a process that’s generally to expensive to be practically introduced for many traditional remedies. Now, the EU also want to make it law that supplements can only be made in weak formulas, something that would make them either less effective for consumers or more expensive to take effectively. The Save our Supplements campaign is well worth signing if you care about the freedom to look after your body in the way you choose. The biggest irony of this crazy new EU regulation is that it may mean more consumers buy online from suppliers based outside the EU who aren’t subject to it’s regulation. That could be a dangerous thing since the quality of nutritional supplements within the EU is very high.

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  1. Allan

    I have a calcified aortic valve condition and decided just recently to try “Serranol” with surprisingly remarkable results, it’s given me a new lease of life, I now have “Blockbuster All Clear” on order to hopefully add to my well being.
    In 2015 I collapsed outside a major superstore & whilst in the hospital I was told about the calcification with surgery on the menu, I was prescribed long-term aspirin bisoprolol & statins which I’ve never taken, but I do take Plant Sterols.
    I cycle 10 miles daily weather permitting to strengthen the heart, I now feel so much stronger with “Serronol” Thank You, Robert Redfern


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