Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 3

Morning all! It’s day 3 of my trial of Bodytox Detox Foot Patches so here’s what’s happened. Yesterday, the pain in my foot subsided as the day went on. I didn’t shine as brightly as day 1 but I did get a lot done all the same, including catering for a 40th birthday party. It ended late and so today I’m a little sleepy-headed but emotionally I feel strong.

My day 3 detox foot patches have just come off. Once again I had the inner warming sensation after application and I put them slightly higher up the arch the foot this time. This was because after looking at the reflexology foot chart, it seemed like there were a lot more points towards the toes than at the heel and I got greedy for more benefit! At the same time, I wanted to keep the detox foot patches at least 50 – 60% over the area they were on so that I could still get a deep detox.

The detox foot patches seem to be lighter in the areas that have changed colour than on day 1 of the detox.

Detox foot patch - day 3

Detox foot patch – day 3

My feet feel good and alive! Ok, not quite as tingly and special as when my reflexologist works her magic, but definitely invigorated.

Overall I feel good on this detox. It’s nowhere near as intense as fasting but it’s not hard work either which is a nice bonus – I can work detox foot patch detox into my normal life without having to make any extra provision for it. A full-on fasting detox is best done when one has time on one’s hand as taking care of work, kids and so on can make detoxing feel a real burden. So too can Oxy-powder cleansing, or other protocols like liver and gall-bladder detoxes or the lemon detox. It doesn’t feel like the elimination is anywhere near the level you’d get from a fruit, juice, wheatgrass or water fast but at the same time you could use detox foot patches with one of those protocols to accelerate the results or separately as part of maintenance and given the minimal amount of effort required, the amount of detoxification seems acceptable.

I still have a few more days worth of detox foot patches to work through however. We’ll see if anything changes. I have given a few to a friend to try. She doesn’t have great circulation as she’s fond of her fatty treats. One thing she says is that when she wears the patches, she doesn’t feel the warming effect. I did read this in the instructions; if you circulation isn’t so strong you may not feel the warmth. That said, her patches were pretty gross on day 1 and less on day 2 so it seems that regardless of whether you sense the far-infrared heat or not, the same detox process takes place.

I’m off to get some more strawberry-cacao-spirulina smoothie! Till tomorrow, live healthy!

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