3 Uses For Oxy-powder

Oxy-powder is perhaps best known as an oxygen based colon cleanse, a role it performs admirably. Yet Oxy-powder is far more versatile than just a powerful colon cleanse! Lets take a look at what other situations Oxy-powder is useful for:

Mitigating Overwork

We all do it. Work in our connected age is faster than ever and many of us have to travel, attend business functions and generally burn the candle at both ends. When overworked many of us will drink or comfort eat, often late at night, as a coping mechanism. This further tires the body despite its calming effect on the mind and makes the following day more wearisome.

An effective way of minimising this is to increase the flow of blood to the internal organs whilst sleeping. This is where Oxy-powder is great. One or two capsules taken with water will make you feel more recovered on less sleep. If you want to get the most out of your Oxy-powder take it with fresh squeezed lemon juice diluted in water. This makes the release of oxygen from the magnesium in the Oxy-powder more efficient.

Remedying bad food choices

Sometimes we pick wrong! It could be a bad restaurant, the wrong food for us or something that is heavy and tiresome to digest. For the body to deal with this a lot of oxygen is required by the internal organs. An Oxy-powder tablet will lighten the passage of a heavy meal or badly combined dish. If you have eaten something that isnt agreeing with you taking a couple of Oxy-powder capsules will accelerate its path out of you whilst helping the body to fight of toxins by oxidizing the problem substance whilst oxygenating the body.

Cleansing and Detoxification

Oxy-powder dispenses a load of singlet oxygen into the body. The body will respond to this in one of two ways:

1 – the body absorbs the oxygen into itself and uses it as a boost to normal oxygenation provided by respiration.

2 – the oxygen encounters something that is either non of the body or dying and oxydises it

The bodys own healthy cells are protected from the oxygen in our environment by antioxidants. We get these antioxidants from foods and good sources include fruits, vegetables and green tea. Things without antioxidant protection become aged by the oxygen. In metals this effect is known as rusting. We can benefit from this!

Since our bodys healthy cells are protected by antioxidants, excess oxygen in the body will wear out things that are in us but not part of us. For instance heavy metals, chemicals like drugs and pesticides as well as many forms of bacteria are cleansed from the system by exposure to excess free oxygen. One can therefore take Oxy-powder on an ongoing basis to support the immune system as itll work on a cumulative fashion to keep downhealth eroding factors.

Where to buy Oxy-powder?

Oxy-powder is available from our shop and its versatility combined with its lack of toxicity make it a great staple of your health cabinet. Few of us these days live in an environment close enough to where nature designed us for us to get all our daily need for oxygen just from air. What are you going to do about that fact?

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