The Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 1

Hey, it’s Misae. We recently started selling Bodytox Detox Foot Patches and I was talked into experiencing them. Lately life has been a little too busy and that combined with a knee injury has meant that I’m exercising less than usual. I wouldn’t say I feel bad, but I’m definitely not at my top so maybe it’ll be good? I’ll keep an open mind and report as I go. I might not blog every day, just when there’s something noticeable and as I’ve not tried this style of detox till now I’m not sure whether that will be daily.

Bodytox Detox Foot Patches

Bodytox Detox Foot Patches

I have tried a detox foot patch once before. It was one I was given at a trade show. I tried the sample and while it certainly changed colour overnight, I was a bit skeptical. I wasn’t sure if it was just a scam and would always change colour and I didn’t like that it stunk so strongly of vinegar. We never pursued stocking that particular brand of detox foot patch (it wasn’t Bodytox, it was a rival product from Hong Kong).

Detox foot patches are said to work by producing negative ions and Far Infrared. These are then applied in a patch below the reflexology paths of the body on the bottom of the foot:

Reflexology foot map

Reflexology foot map by Bodytox Foot Patches

You then sleep with the patch on your foot and let it do it’s stuff. A blend of special ingredients in the patch draws your gunk (or excrement as Bodytox so unpleasantly call it!) into it.

Here’s what happened for me so far:

  1. Put the patches on both feet at about 11pm
  2. I felt some sensation, like a tingling warmth, in my feet till I went to sleep. It was a mild sensation – noticeable but in no way over powering
  3. I awoke the next morning and took the patches off shortly after awakening
  4. My patches are a horrible colour, but not uniformly so – here’s a pic from my Blackberry:
    Bodytox Detox Foot Patch - day 1

    Bodytox Detox Foot Patch – day 1 (click to enlarge)


  5. My feet feel weird. At first it was like a long, dull aching in my arches where the patch had been. That seems to have mostly gone on the left hand side whereas the right still feels sore. Both sides have periodic feelings of a tingling, rush that passes down to the foot and leaves. This sensation goes into my calf. 

It’s noteable that one patch seems to have worked a lot harder than the other. The darker of the two came from my right foot. My accupuncturist told me a few weeks ago that circulation on my right hand side isn’t as good since I damaged my meniscus in January and she had been using both needles and Tui Na to keep the chi flowing and toxins leaving. Certainly post-patch removal, the right hand side is feeling it far more with that tinging sensation coming down from the knee through the calf and into the foot together with the aching on the underside where the patch was.

Before starting this treatment, I confess I did harbour a view that detox foot patches could be a scam of sorts. It wasn’t so much that I thought they were deliberately out to harm or deceive, more that I thought that whatever the condition of the foot, they would turn colour and give the impression of a detox. At the end of my 1st day with them on, I’m not 100% convinced yet that they are completely true but I have good reason now to believe that I should take them seriously with an open mind. Something seems to be going on!

Looking forward to tonight – and tomorrow morning when I get to see the results – I wonder if this pattern will continue? Will the right side continue to be more toxic than the left? I think if that were to happen consistently, it would make me far more convinced on the patches. I know it’s a long way from a scientific study – although plenty of those are dubious enough – but for my purposes, if I find it correlates to what’s going on in my body and I feel better by the end of the detox, I’ll be happy enough. So here’s to finding out whether things work by trying them and experiencing them for ourselves! Till tomorrow.

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