Flower Remedies – Just a Beautiful Idea or Seed of Substance?

The idea that the essence of flowers can assist in easing the mind and help balance human emotion is certainly something that is both beautiful and remarkable in its own way. Skepticism can sometimes come about when explaining that a flowers scent can help put everything back in motion. So I attended the Eterno Naturals seminar and spoke to Gerard Wolf – President of LES FLEURS DE BACH – to get the ultimate insider scoop on Bach Flower essences, their history and use and why so many people are reaching for the power of these natural remedies to restore their emotional well-being.

Discovered in the 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach an English physician,he identified 38 flowers and plants that had the ability to heal the emotional imbalances of the body resulting in an overall equilibrium of the mind.  Dr Bach then went on to create a ‘Rescue Remedy’ using the flower essences particularly from the Rock Rose flower – a small yellow flower that was designed to ease fear and anxiety it became an instant success among its users worldwide. Gerard Wolf went on to explain that “if a fear is not cured it can turn into a disease”.

Gerard Wolf’s story came to life when he explained the first time he used a Bach Flower remedy and how he came about to appreciate the Bach Flowers. He picked up a Rescue Remedy at a local health store after having an argument with his business partner. He couldn’t sleep for 15 days straight due to the constant anger he felt. He later realised that he had purchased the Rescue Remedy earlier and used it after 15 sleepless nights. That night Gerard had overcome with a sense of relief and slept for the first time with no trouble. If you’re anything like me hearing that story would have put these natural remedies into a new and personal perspective.

Gerard Wolf went on to create LES FLEURS DE BACH using the same principles as Dr Bach, “this extensive and award winning range of beauty and well-being products influences the body, mind and spirit”, they are the first to combine Bach Flowers and Aromatherapy which allows the remedies to benefit from both.

How are Bach Flower remedies made you ask? There are two main methods that are used to naturally create the Bach Flower remedies:

  • The Sun Method
  • The Boiling Method

Les Fleurs de Bach have produced Elixirs using up to seven Bach Flower essences chosen carefully for each to have its own effect on everyday challenging situations of the mind.

  • Communication
  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • Conflicts
  • Decision
  • Dependence
  • Depression
  • Exhaustion
  • Fears
  • Letting-Go
  • Libido
  • Senior
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Urgences/Urgency
  • Female Issues

But it doesn’t stop there. The range also includes Treating Fragrances that can be sprayed for Conflicts, Stress and Urgency. Spray it directly on the skin for immediate effect or it can be sprayed around the home or office. As well as an Anti-Stress Skincare range that is both revolutionary and unique, using natural ingredients that blends flower essences with an anti-stress combination. The range covers Face and body.  It is designed to create a unique experience of beauty and inner peace.

My favourite products of the range you ask? Would have to be the Eau de Parfum that recently graced the market in 2005. As soon as I sprayed the perfume called Présence(s) de Bach I was immediately hooked on the harmonious smell of wild rose and crab apple that worked together beautifully to create calm and peace. The second perfume is called Vivacite(s) de Bach that is essentially used to uplift your senses and confidence.

Gerard Wolf won me over with his honesty. When asked why they work he simply nodded, smiled and said with such poise “It is a fantastic mystery, not even science has the tools to measure. It is not a scientific proof that you can weigh on a scale and figure out the outcome”.

Bach Flower remedies have since pushed the envelope in developing natural remedies which complement other forms of healthcare. They have a shelf life of 5 to 10 years due to being preserved in organic alcohol. The remedies can be used in numerous ways by applying it on the skin such as the wrists or neck, a few droplets into the mouth or why not try it in your favourite massage oil or even diluted in water. Whether you still have a sense of scepticism what would you really be loosing out on if you were to try any Flower Bach remedy? There is no age restriction on who can use these remedies and it has no negative effect whatsoever so what do you have to loose? Could you really put a price on peace of mind?

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