45 Reasons to Take Serrapeptase

The following information was passed to us by Robert Redfern of Good Health Naturally. Their Blockbuster AllClear and SerraEnzyme Serrapeptase enzyme formulas are our most popular products and can be very useful in supporting health due to their function of reducing unhealthy inflammation in the body.

Robert has been talking about serrapeptase for many years now and these 45 serrapeptase reviews he passed us are all using either Blockbuster AllClear or SerraEnzyme. Here’s his (and his clients’) words in full:


Serrapeptase is the amazing enzyme that stops unhealthy inflammation in its tracks and clears inflamed dead tissue. Science has now concluded that the prime factor in the majority of disease is inflammation. Sorry drug companies, but your anti inflammatory and its side effects are not needed. Serrapeptase is the safest and most effective all round solution to inflammation and the feedback from such a wide range of conditions proves it.

Since I started in 2001 to publicize Serrapeptase, each year has seen a larger and larger array of conditions that can be helped by this wonder enzyme. Even though there are only 23 studies, the feedback from Practitioners, doctors and the thousands of users proves that nearly everyone can benefit by taking it.


A Practitioner’s Story

Sylvia De Santis – Naturopathic Counsellor

A patient – After taking 2 tablets 3x a day of the 40,000 IU, for about six weeks, her shortness of breath had lessened, her voice was back to normal, and her cough had subsided to just a little.

Personally – I had a constant pain in my back for over 20 years. It was something I just lived with, and never really took anything for it unless it got too unbearable. After taking Serrapeptase for about three weeks, I realized I had no pain. I am so amazed with this product that I talk to people all the time about. Almost everyone I know could benefit from it one way or another. I now take 2 to 3 a day just for maintenance.
~ Sylvia DeSantis


Acne Rosacea

‘I suffered from Acne Rosacea for 13 years’

Says Pat: “I’d suffered from acne rosacea for 13 years and nothing seemed to work. It was when I was onto my 2nd or 3rd bottle that I noticed the rosacea was clearing up.” Now on maintenance dose of 1 x 3 daily. Pat is delighted that her skin tone is now perfectly even and her pimple red nose a thing of the past.



‘Within three weeks, I felt relief’

Since September 2006, I suffered with abdominal adhesions and had to take a prescription three times a day, all with no results. I tried Serrapeptase capsules, and within three weeks, I felt relief. I am improved 85% to 90%. It also helped with my varicose veins. K.F. – USA



‘Since taking the 80k IU Serrapeptase tablets, my Angina has stopped’

I had angina pains just walking my dog around the block by the time I only reached the half way mark. I took 6 of the SerraEnzyme 80K tablets for 30 days, and now I’m down to just 3 a day. Again, I’m 82.
~ Larry Hawes – Ellenton, Florida


Animal Treatment

‘The dog had immediate results’

We have a 14-year-old arthritic dog that could hardly walk. As he got older, he was getting much worse. We came across Serrapeptase, and to our great relief, the dog had immediate results. It has now stopped hurting, he is able to sleep much more comfortably, and he is generally more relaxed.

Yours faithfully, A.H. – USA


‘They have all now put their horses, dogs & husbands on Serrapeptase.’

Ruth called very upset as her 26 year old mare was so chronically lame with arthritis that 3 vets had recommended that she be put to sleep. We recommended that she try SerraPet, as she had tried everything else. We put Walnut on 12 tablets a day and to keep her on that until Ruth noticed an improvement, then to drop the dosage to 8 a day. 18 months down the line, Ruth and Walnut are back riding round the village and thrilled, Ruth keeps Walnut on a maintenance dosage of 4 tablets a day.
~ Ruth Kelso – UK


‘A course of SerraPet got him back and winning’

I was delighted with the results achieved on my Pekinese who had back/leg problems and wasn’t walking properly. Vet suggested an operation! A course of SerraPet got him back and winning in the show ring. I have given my vet your brochure so that he could read up about it, as he was amazed at the lad’s recovery! Mrs. Jarvis


Arterial Disease

Carotid Arteries – ‘Serrapeptase has done the trick.’

I just wanted to let you know that I have my results from my ultrasound on my Carotid Arteries. The left in now completely clear from 48% blocked and the right has a small visible amount about 5% to 10% from 50% blocked.

From something that cannot be reversed, good old Serrapeptase has done the trick. Many thanks for all your advice and encouragement. Best Regards, Harold


‘It has kept my brother alive and helped my twin sister tremendously.’

My sister has a blocked artery in her brain (found by some kind of testing). BlockBuster and Serrapeptase has kept her from needed another stint since she started the therapy.

My brother has also improved dramatically since using your recommended products (heart blockage with no stints because of no insurance). He can function now, whereas before he was incapacitated by pain. Sincerely, Charline



‘I made up my mind I’d give it a try’

“I’d just like to say that it has worked wonders for both my back and knees.” Severe pain in his back and knees was affecting Mr Owen’s life badly. He walked sideways ‘like a crab’ as he puts it. That was until he heard about Serrapeptase on the ‘Dennis the Chemist’ Radio program.

“I made up my mind I’d give it a try,” he says. “I’d just like to say that it has worked wonders for both my back and knees. I have very little pain these days. I also recommended it to one of my sisters and it has cleared up her chest problems.”


‘I can hardly believe the change.’

I had varicose veins on my legs for 10 months. They stood out like ropes and I was too embarrassed to wear a skirt.

I also had very swollen ankles as a result of my arthritis. I often had to be lifted out of bed as it was too painful to stand.

After 3 months on Serrapeptase, the ‘ropes’ have gone off my legs and I can wear shorts. My arthritis is so much better that I have been able to go back to work. I can hardly believe the change. Gold bless you for finding this product. Keep up your great work. Marie Shortt


‘To my amazement within 2-3days I was feeling relief.’

I have suffered from Arthritis for about 20 years. I started taking Serrapeptase at a rate of 4 a day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night. To my amazement, within 2-3 days I was feeling relief. All I can say is this product is great! I am walking without pain. I can now walk briskly again after all these years. One of the plus sides I did not expect is that it has helped my heartburn as well. B.P. – USA


Arthritis – A Practitioner Story

I have a client who has suffered with a severe gout-like arthritic pain for 5 years. His general health also suffered, he developed a lung problem and he was at a very low ebb. He was taking large doses of Ibuprofen, with little relief. He started taking Serrapeptase, but after 3 months he was still in some paint and was going to give up. I persuaded him to carry on and he started to improve. He is now fully recovered, playing golf and enjoying life again. He is absolutely delighted. A Practitioner Story


‘The swelling has gone, I can feel my bones again.’

“One week later the right knee is normal, the swelling has gone and now I can feel my bones again.”

Thank you so much for Serrapeptase, I took it last Friday [20/08/04] and after a few hours the pain in the knee, which has been present for the past 3 months, was gone. I couldn’t believe it, so continued with taking 3×2 tablets a day, and now one week later the right knee is normal, the swelling has gone and now I can feel my bones again.

I tell everyone this miracle, and everyone is writing down your website. May it benefit more people who are suffering so long with the wrong medicines. Thank you and Warm Greetings, Maria. T. Ph.D – Holland


‘I no longer need medication for Arthritis’

“I have to know it ‘works’ and isn’t just another wonder substance. That’s why I am recommending Serrapeptase to my clients. I think it is fantastic!”

Karla is 62 and for the 17 tears has suffered from severe arthritis and gout. She tried everything to rid herself of the pain even painkillers although she dislikes taking orthodox medicine.

I no longer need medication for Arthritis or for Gout and am feeling so very much better. Thank you for a GREAT product; I can recommend it to all my clients and will be happy to do so. Kindly greeting, Karla Graham


Arthritis: Osteoarthritis

‘I’ve recommended it to several people, they’re taking it too.’

“I’ve been taking Serrapeptase for two months now and I felt wonderful after the first few days. I didn’t think it was going to work but it has. I have no paint in my back at all and all the inflammation has gone too. There has been a marked improvement and I feel good. I think it may take a bit longer to deal with my knees and I’m prepared to persevere.

I’ve recommended it to several people and they are taking it too. I’m doing my bit to spread the news!” Mrs Morris


Osteo and Rheumatoid Arthritis, Bone Spurs, Varicose Veins

“Within 3 days my pain diminished by 25-30%, after 1 full week on 600 mg twice a day, I was pain free! I have decreased to 400 mg bid and am still pain free.”

I think that this is the most miraculous product I have ever encountered. I have passed out literature and talked up the product to my friends, family, and clients. I am licensed to do medical, rehab and sports massage.

One of my clients wears support hose because of ropy varicose veins. He said that after only a month he is almost free from this condition. He is also impressed with the results he has seen in the reduction of symptoms of his Osteo Arthritis. Thank you for providing this wonderful miracle. A.R., LMY – USA


Osteoarthritis: Ann Marlatt, RH “I have not had to take any other medications since just a few days after I started taking Serrapeptase. Congratulations to a wonderful discovery.”

It was difficult for me to believe that this product could be successful as it was advertised. I did endless hours of research online before deciding to put this product in my body.

To say how wonderfully surprised I was that this product actually worked is a large understatement. Congratulations to all of us who decided to give this fantastic product a try. Ann Marlatt, RN



Thank you…for making a difference to my life!

I have had bronchial Asthma for over 5 years. I started taking Serrapeptase over 12 months ago and was surprised to find that I have not suffered with a cough or cold in that time, whereas before taking Serrapeptase I would suffer 2 or 3 infections a year. Thank you Good Health Naturally for making a difference to my life! Mr. G. – Ireland


Back Problems (Lower)

I was in a lot of pain for 4 years until I found Serrapeptase. I had a severe slipped disc about 9 years ago and was in a lot of pain for 4 years until I found Serrapeptase. I have taken it ever since, it is amazing. I just take 2 a day, unless I do something to my back, which is once or twice a year, when I take a much higher dose, which gets rid of the pain. I would not be without Serrapeptase, it is like my crutch, I rely on it to keep me pain free. My husband takes it for mild asthma and it certainly helps him. I tell everyone about it, including my chiropractor. Linda Wigman



‘One of my patients used Blockbuster for deep vein thrombosis.’ I’m Sheila Balmer, a practitioner. I have used Serrapeptase/Nattokinase myself for a varicose vein and over several months it has cleared up. On of the my patients used Blockbuster for deep vein thrombosis which has cleared and he found that his Diabetic retinopathy also cleared up and he’s convinced it is the Blockbuster as he has not taken anything else. He is not on a maintenance dose and has been taking the product for a year. Sheila Balmer, Practitioner


Myopic Macular Degeneration

A few months ago, I was startled to notice straight lines had developed a wavy appearance and immediately saw my optician who made an urgent referral to an eye clinic. I was diagnosed with a bleed at the back of the right eye, caused by Nyopic Macular Degeneration, for which I later needed laser treatment.

It was while I was recovered from the laser treatment, in mid-June that my father recommended that I take Blockbuster AllClear capsules to aid recovery. He had read that the Serrapeptase enzyme digests non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts and inflammation.

I agreed that it seemed the very thing that I needed to help mop up the damage caused by the bleed. After I started taking them, I began to feel better immediately and felt my eyesight to be much improved.

Last week I was delighted to be told at my follow up appointment at the laser clinic that I did not need any further treatment as the blood vessel has now closed. Also the back of my eye was much better and the tissue and fluid were settling down nicely. I truly believe that the Serrapeptase enzyme played a major part in my excellent recovery. Pam Hitchen


‘I went from 98% cranial blockage to NO BLOCKAGE whatsoever!’

I had 98% cranial blockage on the left-hand side of my brain. I bought one bottle of Blockbuster AllClear in August and one in September, and I took 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. I just saw the doctor today, and after only two bottles of Blockbuster, I went from 98% cranial blockage to NO BLOCKAGE whatsoever! The nurse also told me that I had “really good blood flow”. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic and going to celebrate my newfound health. M.D. – USA


‘I will certainly continue to use that product’

To the “Wow!” people, I have been a health nut most of my adult life. Had both knees injured in a car accident, and by the time I reached 77 years of age I had developed some discomfort in my leg joints while descending the stairs. Since my garden is terraced, that took away some of the joy out of being in my garden. After I started taking Blockbuster AllClear, I noticed the pain was noticeably diminished in just one day. I will certainly continue to use that product and look forward to more pleasant surprises. P.H. – USA


Blood Pressure

Serrapeptase made my blood pressure, which wasn’t bad, even better. My blood pressure has usually ranged around 135-145/75-85. This morning, after taking 40,000 IU capsules for 1 month at the maintenance rate of once per day, my reading was 97/57 (pulse 67). This was taken in the morning before getting up from bed. This was astounding for me. I understand that it is critically important to have the diastolic value (lower, resting heart pressure) as low as possible, which I was delighted to observe. What a marvellous product! It helps make what is good even better. G.M. – USA


Blood Sugar Levels

‘I can barely keep this product on my shelves.’

“I can barely keep this product on my shelves. I’ve had clients with diabetes tell me this product has helped their blood sugar levels. Also M.S. patients have reported increased mobility.” B.R. – Sarasota, FL


Breast Cysts

Mrs Mattley had a Lumpectomy in 1998

In 1998 I had a Lumpectomy removed from my right breast and 25 Radiotherapy treatments, since then I have had a thick hard line under my breast, and the breast has always been extremely tender, but after less hand 2 weeks on the 6 per day Serrapeptase Caps 80,000 IU all was soft and feeling normal, like the other side, it was a shock really, but what a lovely one.

Also I was diagnosed in the 1970’s with Bronchiectasis, so I have always had chest problems. I am hoping the Serrapeptase Caps will help this condition. Mrs I Mattley


Breast Engorgement

‘I now recommend it on a regular basis’

Caroline Harvey is a complementary therapist. “I now recommend it on a regular basis and I am quite impressed. I started taking it myself  when I was breast feeding one of my sons and developed quite bade mastitis. After a week of taking Serrapeptase I developed nervous stabbing pain. I think Serrapeptase was helping my body get rid of the cystic material as it soon went. It is expensive but it’s worth it.” Caroline Harvey



‘She says she has never felt so well’

My sister aged 62 has lived in the Middle Eastfor many years and has suffered from bonchiectasis and emphysema for a long time. This is not helped by the air conditioning that runs all the time. At Christmas she caught pneumonia and was in hospital. When she recovered from that, someone suggested she take Blockbuster. She said ‘Oh, go on then, I might as well’. She has taken them ever since. She has a lot less rubbish on her chest, so does not cough as much. She says she has never felt so well. Anonymous



‘Last night was the first pain-free…in 4 weeks’

Thanks for the info. Just an update on my condition. Last night was the first pain-free continuous sleep I have had in 4 weeks. I will continue with the Serrapeptase therapy (3X3 per day) for now. Thank you, Jerry – Canada


Cardiovascular Disease

‘I couldn’t get out of bed.’ I have my own testimony to add to your program. I was so weak, I couldn’t get out of bed. Ninety-nine percent of people at my age die. I am 72 years young and still biting at the bit. I had deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the popliteal space behind the left patella. A part of the embolism broke off and relocated in the right lobe of my left lung. I also had a 20-year fungal infection on my big toe of my left foot, which completely ameliorated and is gone. The skin is pink and the nail is normal. My energy is back, and me mental outlook is superlative. Thank you Robert Redfern and Serrapeptase. Be Well. G.M. – USA



‘I have had terrible problems with Catarrh for many years.’

I have found SerraPlus caps marvellous for me. I have had terrible problems with Catarrh for many years. Several of my family have it, so it may be genetic. I developed asthma through stress, but managed to get rid of that by changing my diet and having cranial osteopathy, but was still left with catarrh. A friend suggested Serrapeptase and since I started taking the SerraPlus my nose is clear and I no longer have to constantly clear my throat. I am really pleased with them. Anonymous


Catarrhal Rhinopharyngitis

Serrapeptase helped with my really terrible Catarrhal Rhinophraryngitis.

When I was taking Serrapeptase it helped my really terrible catarrh, I could hardly breathe in the mornings. Someone advised me to try Serrapeptase and it certainly moved the catarrh. My friends are also using it, one man had trouble with his foot and another had a similar problem with catarrh. We all agree it is very much to be recommended. And I make a point of getting to bed by 10.30 the nigh Dennis the Chemist is on the radio…the first thing he ever mentions is you’ve guessed it Serrapeptase! Steve Oliver



‘I no longer require Chelation.’

“After using Serrapeptase my diabetes is under such better control that I no longer require Chelation.” M.C. – Pine Mt., CA



‘Thank you so much’ Thank you so much from my mom…she just had her cholesterol checked and it was down. Thank you so much, Karlene F.


Chronic Ear Infections

Ear & Sinus Infection – I suffered from an ear & sinus infection for several months. I took three rounds of very strong antibiotics. Within days of taking two tablets each day of Serrapeptase, there was an improvement, and the infections is completely gone now. In addition to the ear and sinus healing, I notice that I am feeling better overall. The best thing is that there have been absolutely NO negative side effects. I appreciate the information you have provided and thank you very much. B.W. – USA


Colon Problems

‘My colorectal problems feel better.’

I am taking the SerraEnzyme 80 quad-strength tablets 80,000 IU Serrapeptase – one per day. I have only been taking since Monday and already my colorectal problems feel better. For your info too, I recommend them to a friend of the lady who gives me a massage twice monthly as her friend has an enormous scar on her face from surgery. She has only been using them for two weeks and already can see a difference. Lucinda W.



Mrs. T’s Persistent Cough & Colds Mrs T’s persistent cough and colds made her life a misery. “To be honest I am delighted with it. If I have a cold or a chesty cough I find it’s completely gone in a couple of days. It also helped another friend with severe cystitis. It is amazing that such a simple remedy should be so effective.” Mrs. S. T.


Crohn’s Disease

I had Open Heart Surgery (5 bypasses), 15 Stents, Angina Attacks, and Crohn’s Disease.

In September 1995, I had open heart surgery with five bypasses. By 2006, I had 15 stents installed. In November 2007, I started chelation, as I was having angina attacks 3-4 times a week. I started taking the 80,000 IU SerraEnzyme in December 2007, as I was once again experiencing daily angina attacks when I walked my little dog. Since I’ve been on Serrapeptase, all symptoms of angina have stopped, and I walk my dog every day here inFloridain heat around 80 to 90 degrees – a one mile walk, and no angina.

Plus, at age 80, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. If it were not for finding Serrapeptase, I would not now have control over my Crohn’s as well. L. H. – USA



‘Within three months the cyst had disappeared’. “I feel as though I’ve been given an extra life!” says 64-year-old Dorothy Antrobus, “I feel and look good and it’s thanks to Serrapeptase. I swear by it.”

Some white ago Dorothy had surgery on her knee and all seemed to go well. Then she began to experience a lot of pain and was told she had developed a cyst. The rest is history. Within three months the cyst had disappeared. Dorothy Antrobus


Diabetes: Type II

Robert, your ‘good-word’ is spreading.

My diabetes specialist Doctor (Endocrinologist) has been delighted with my condition, and all blood chemistry measures have been virtually “non-diabetic”. If you know the scale, my so-called A1c measure has been 6.8. The only issue not seemingly ideal to me specialist, is that my so-called “good cholesterol” number is around 36, where, with my being a type II diabetic, she would prefer to see it over 40. I have thoroughly read, and endeavour to follow, the regimens in your excellent booklet “The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme is Serrapeptase The 2nd Gift from Silkworms”. Robert Rivard


‘My Type II Diabetes Caused Leg Numbness’ I lived with numbness in my legs for at least ten years, and it had been getting progressively worse. My herbalist told me about Serrapeptase. I took 6-8 of the 80,000 IU tablets once a day after I got home from work. I also take wheat grass. After only about a week and a half, I was absolutely amazed that the numbness in my legs had receded, and I could feel my legs again! I no longer “stump around”, and I’m able to walk normally. I’m pretty excited about that! K.S. – USA



‘I have Emphysema, but now feel like I did 30 years ago.’ Dear Staff, Thank you for the fast service. I’m not writing this to claim a freebie, but to say with Serrapeptase and Oxysorb, my life has changed beyond my wildest dreams! I have Emphysema, but now feel like I did 30 years ago. I have reduced my inhalers by 50% and could do with less. I felt today as if I was in a dream! Regards, Tom Scally


Emphysema – Caroline Harvery

I’m Caroline Harvery a complementary therapist. “The best result I have had was with a man who was 93 when I first saw him; this was about 2 years ago. He was suffering from very bad emphysema to the extent he could hardly walk let alone go up stairs and was on oxygen 12 hours a day. Since he took Serrapeptase he has been able to lower his intake of oxygen by 50%. I saw him a few months ago he is not 95. He was going to the Health Centre on the treadmill and said he was looking for a new wife. He is taking minerals and vitamins well, but it is the Serrapeptase that’s has yielded best result, lowering inflammation in the lungs. Caroline Harvey


‘It seems to have no bad side effects at all.’ When a recent respiratory test revealed a remarkable improvement in Mr Clarke’s breathing capacity, medical staff were impressed and want to learn more about its properties.

“It is early days yet,” says Joy, “we’re going to wait until he sees the specialist next time. But my husband is certainly continuing to take Serrapeptase. Unlike the steroids which affect the adrenal gland and cause depression, Serrapeptase seems to have no bad side effects at all. Maybe in time we can get him off these other drugs. I know they’re not good for you in the long term.” Mrs. and Mr. Clarke


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