Takeda Discontinue Dasen Enzymes

Takeda are the biggest pharmaceutical company in Japan and on the 21st February they voluntarily withdrew their Dasen® anti-inflammatory enzyme product from the market in Japan. In the official press release it says:

Osaka, Japan, February 21, 2011 – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) announced today its decision to voluntarily recall Dasen® 5 mg tablets, 10 mg tablets, and 1% granules (generic name: serrapeptase), anti-inflammatory enzyme preparations sold in Japan, starting on February 21.

In the double-blind studies that have been conducted to compare Dasen with placebo (“Studies”), no statistical significant differences were found. Based on the results of the Studies, the Committee on Reevaluation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council (“Committee”) of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan (“MHLW”) held a meeting on January 19, 2011 in order to discuss the possibility of categorizing Dasen as the product for the future reevaluation with additional studies to be conducted, including the contents of such studies if that is the case.

As a result, the Committee pointed out the necessity of conducting additional studies in a manner that reflects current clinical treatment practices, and to prove the efficacy of Dasen. In accordance with the instruction of the MHLW, Takeda has been studying the feasibility of conducting such studies. Takeda believes that the efficacy of Dasen would be confirmed through additional clinical trials with a revised study design, however, it has reached a conclusion that it would be difficult to conduct additional studies as requested.

This clearly illustrates the difficulty of producing laboratory style results using natural ingredients as Takeda believes their serrapeptase product works but that it’s extremely costly to verify this to clinical standards. Factors like diet do alter results as enzymes taken on an empty stomach by a raw food vegan will have less inhibiting factors to contend with than those consumed near breakfast by someone on a meat eating diet with lots of fried and diary foods.

One other factor that’s well worth noting is dosage. Vitamin C was well documented to have a different action at high dose by multiple Nobel prize winner Dr Linus Pauling. Robert Redfern, who had similar advice to that we gave earlier regarding diet inhibiting function when we spoke last May, was quick to point out today that the Dasen product was always a  light activity formula with only 10,000IU compared to BlockBuster AllClear and SerraZyme‘s 80,000IU of serrapeptase. Robert Redfern emailed us stating that he has criticized Dasen’s activity level as too low previously and that he has popularised serrapeptase after over 100,000 users reported positive results. Results that came from the 80,000iu formulation include: lung conditions, arteries, colon, MS, pain, morton’s neuroma, inflammatory problems, ENT problems, cysts, and uses on dogs, cats and horses. One of the most miraculous stories came from a cerebral palsy sufferer, Mike Tawse who continues to vocal about his results.

I don’t know Mike Tawse personally and have never met him face to face. I certainly wouldn’t bet my life on the effectiveness of serrapeptase enzymes as an anti-inflammatory. However I have used this enzyme myself as part of a recovery process. I used it first after I gave up smoking and eating meat and I did find my circulation much improved. I’ve also used in frequently as a means of speeding recovery from sports injury – I like to train martial arts so big bruises and sprains are a fairly common part of my life. It’s easy for me to test how quickly I recover with and without serrapeptase. I’ve also personally known others who’ve used serrapeptase as part of their recovery from surgeries including a hernia, a broken leg and uterine fibroid removal by myomectomy. In all cases the serrapeptase user felt they recovered faster than they expected with less pain than they anticipated.

As always my advice is to take good care of yourself! Whilst there are some arguments going on about whether one natural remedy is more useful than another, one thing we know all scientists, doctors and nutritionists agree on is that fried foods and smoking are bad for you! I believe if you approach serrapeptase from this angle, viewing it as a useful supplement to your self-care programme rather than a medicine you can turn to (it isn’t), then you’ll enjoy a lot more healthier days than you’ll suffer ill ones.

Serrapeptase enzymes are useful for detoxing parts of the body that it’s hard to clean through abstinence alone. Raw food educator, David Wolfe, uses serrapeptase as part of a protocol to combat nano-bacteria in conjunction with MSM and a highly alkaline diet. Dr. Billie J. Sahley, Ph.D says serrapeptase may positively benefit inflammatory health conditions like arthritis, headaches, bronchitis and sinusitis. Dr Hans Nieper says may serrapeptase help remove arterial plaque, reduce the chance of stroke and open constricted arteries. So whilst the Japanese may not be able to find a way of economically proving Takeda’s Dasen serrapeptase formula, there still are plenty of health educators and authorities standing behind serrapeptase enzyme use and consensus of opinion is that high activity levels are what counts.

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