What You Put Down The Drain Comes Back To Haunt You

There’s only so much water on Earth and we’re taught from school how to evaporates to form rain that then falls on the Earth and flows back to the seas. So what happens when you add millions of humans dumping their waste into that system? Marine biologist Stephen Palumbi shows how toxins at the bottom of the ocean food chain find their way into our bodies, with a shocking story of toxic contamination from a Japanese fish market in this fascinating and compelling TED talk:

The most obvious place for us to start is cleaning up our own waste. We can look to use ecological alternatives at home such as replacing bleach with a bio-degradable alternative. There are lots of ethical cleaning products available so it’s not much of a chore to find them and prices are continuously getting better as more and more consumers support the movement towards sanity in sanitation.

If you are finding that your body has become weakened then taking a detoxification course can be highly beneficial. The most important places to begin your cleanse are the colon followed by the liver and in that order. Why? The colon is the primary route by which toxins are released from the body. If it’s fully functioning, it’ll help deeper cleansing so a colon cleanse using either Oxy-powder for a gentle programme or bentonite clay for a more involved and deeper detox is the foundation.

The liver is one of the places the body is fond of holding toxins since here it can hold them without letting the body be overcome. Of course it typically is at great cost and lowers the energy levels of the host whilst opening the doorway for further problems to enter. One way of cleansing the liver is to use coffee enemas. These cause the liver to purge out toxins which are then released along with the liquid down the toilet and many people note a big shift in energy levels after completing a coffee enema detox.

Naturally, in order to do a coffee enma liver detox, the colon needs to be clear, hence the reason we recommend a colon detox first.

The most important thing is not to give up trying. Pollute less, avoid sources of contamination and take regular detoxes and you’ll soon realise why a clean life is too good not to not be fighting for.

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