Thoughts from Dr Brian Clements

Dr Brian Clements PhD LNC runs the world renown Hippocrates Health Institute. The Hippocrates Health Institute was co-founded by Ann Wigmore (1909 to 1994) who pioneered treatment of cancer having cured herself using natural methods.  We’re proud to support that to this day through education and distribution of some of the LifeGive health formulas from Hippocrates Health Institute.

Much of Dr Clement’s wisdom comes from his daily work with terminally ill patients having taken over the helm from Ann Wigmore sometime earlier and his annual talk in London is always full of insight. Big thanks go to The Fresh Network for organising it. Here are a few of the gems we picked up from attending:

  • Irradiated foods will permanently damage your chromosomes and DNA. That includes Micromeals so do stay away from the microwave. Incidentally, in the former Soviet Union, microwaves were banned due to their track record of increased cancer. This law was disbanded after capitalism came to the country and Russia now enjoys a much higher cancer rate.
  • 90% of cancers cured by Allopathic medicine recur.  This might sound shocking and yet it’s pretty obvious that if you don’t treat the cause of a problem it’ll keep on coming. It’s all very well giving someone chemotherapy but if they keep smoking or doing other toxic habits, the illness just comes back somewhere else
  • Children born today are now having a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This difference – on average 5 years – is attributable to the build up of toxicity in the environment. All that nuclear waste dumped at sea isn’t going away fast. Nor are the chemicals poured down drains, nor the plastics and petrol fumes burned into the air. It’s now a fact that even in the North Pole there is DDT and other toxic chemicals. These are causing hormonal development issues for many life forms, particularly larger life forms like Polar bears.
  • Everything was organic up to World War II. Polyester is nowadays sold as  microfibre since it’s not popular under it’s original name. Manmade fibres give of hormone disrupting chemicals as strong as the day they were made even after 10 years and thousands of washes.
  • Fake estrogens (xenoestrogens) both feminise males and masculinise females. Affecting your sexual preference and/or gender identity is one thing; more seriously they are implicated in a host of degenerative illnesses since a properly performing endocrine (or hormonal) system is vital for health. If your hormones become blocked, other functions in the body that should be triggered by them become troubled.

Most importantly, Dr Clements said the following:

Strong and healthy people talk back. Weak and unhealthy people can’t.

Today, health and the environment affect everyone. As Dr Vernon Coleman states in his book, How to avoid your doctor killing you, we have at least a 1 in 3 chance of getting cancer and if the rate continues, it’ll soon be 1 in 2. That’s 50-50. How many others will be affected by transgenderism, infertility, developmental disorders in their children or the host of other issues lined up against us? On top of that, everyone is being affected by the effect these same toxins are having on wildlife and the eco-systems they create.

Now is the time for us to stand up. Your daily choices make a difference. Could you avoid using bleaches and switch to non-polluting alternatives? Can you support the organic trade by clothing yourself in fashions that aren’t harmful? Will you make a conscious effort to say no to goods made of plastic that could be made of natural materials like glass, wood or metal?

You may be the unknown soldier who’s story is never told, but now is the time to be strong. Your actions make the difference whether or not anyone sees or cares. Most importantly, at least you won’t be one of the many who don’t care simply because they’re to weak and unhealthy to make the difference.

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