Corporations Have Developed New Ways of Making Food Addictive

Corporations have developed new ways of making food addictive that circumvents the need for that to be on the label warns Dr Brian Clements of The Hippocrates Health Institute. If you read our blog often, you’ll know that we have massive respect for his work in the field of healthcare. If he’s new to you, let us give you the quickest of introductions.

Dr Brian Clements of The Hippocrates Health Institute
Dr Brian Clements

The Hippocrates Health Institute was founded by Ann Wigmore, who, as a child in the former USSR was left to die in a park by her parents because she was sickly and they had no means to heal her. Something inside her kept her going and she began eating the grass where she lay. She started to recover her strength and made a full recovery. Years later, she found herself in America and diagnosed with cancer. Remembering her childhood incident, she began juicing grass and cured herself of cancer by this means. She subsequently went on to found The Hippocrates Health Institute which would focus on healing people by natural means. The foundation of their therapy protocol was – and still is – the consumption of large amounts of fresh wheatgrass juice and Ann Wigmore is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of this this modality. Ann eventually passed at the age of 84, still in excellent health.

Dr Brian Clements was working with Ann Wigmore at this time and worked extensively with her and her patients. After her death, he and his wife, Dr Anna-Maria Clements, took over running The Hippocrates Health Institute. It’s now in Florida, and it still works to treat serious illnesses using natural methods, with wheatgrass and a raw, living food diet as the foundation. The Hippocrates Health Institute continues to go from strength to strength and has thousands of patients treated successfully as well as an ongoing health educator programme that teaches individuals to take a healthy lifestyle back into their community and lift up those around them.

Dr Brian Clements travels the world spreading the word on natural health and the team from The Detox Shop pretty much always attend every seminar he gives when he comes to London for a weekend. There is so much to this man’s experience that years later we are still finding great value in his talks and here we’ll share some of the key takeaways from his talk in Mayfair, London on Saturday 16th March 2013.

For someone famous for raw food and wheatgrass, Dr Brain Clements talks surprisingly little about these things when presenting a seminar. In fact he often jokes, “we’re not the raw food religion!”. What he means by this is that food and nutrition are something we do for life, so there’s no need to be obsessive, in fact that can even be unhealthy. His prescription for food works out like this:

1 – If you are sick
If you are sick, have a serious or terminal illness and want to live, you need to be 100% raw, vegan and organic in your diet. Eating cooked food – even just a couple of percent – is a stress to our immune system and when you need that immune system to be fighting the real bad guys, don’t give it stupid jobs to do like fighting off the shock to the system caused by cooked foods.

2 – If you are not sick and want to stay that way
If you are not unwell then you can eat some cooked food and Dr Clements advises that you still keep this as organic and vegan. On top of that, there are studies that show how the immune system quickly diminishes the more cooked food you eat. By the time 50% of your diet is cooked, your immune system is already compromised. A minimum we should aim for as maintenance/staying healthy level is 75% of our food being raw and up to 25% cooked. Eating at this level, your immune system will function at around 30% less strength than if you were all raw, and it goes without saying that if you’re eating non-biologically evolved foods like grains or dairy, or friend and deep fried foods, these reduce your immune function more. If you must cook, baked and steamed are your best choices.

That said, don’t get irrationally hung up on numbers. We’re not meant to spend our life dieting or detoxing. We’re best if we choose a lifestyle and spend our days enjoying it. Everyone will have good and bad days. Concentrate on the good days and building a healthier lifestyle is easier. Concentrating on what you do wrong is often symptomatic of the bigger problem, a problem that Dr Brian Clements would spend most of his talk elaborating on. It’s hard to do him justice in a short space but the fundamentals of it are this:

We don’t love ourselves enough.

By loving ourselves, Dr Clements is not insinuating that we become conceited, self-masturbatory and thoughtless of others. It’s that basic premise that we all need to care for ourselves and our needs first so that we are fully able to help others. The needs of a human being are quite different from what City Fat Cats seem to think the needs are. And the problem is that so many of us have gotten so good at being mean to ourselves, it’s a wonder we aren’t sicker than we are.

As a society, we’ve become displaced and estranged from our natural needs. We no longer live a nomadic existence feeding off of the land. Instead we’re confined to boxes and buy our food in boxes. We no longer live in extended family communities but are forced far and wide by the needs of work and commerce. Most people’s dreams of money and fame are just so that they can buy the freedom and love that was the basis of human life in our ancestral communities.

As such, it’s not always just that we don’t love ourselves enough because we did something bad. It’s often the case that we feel that there’s something missing in modern life, that we’re always searching for something that will fill this void inside and that time and time again we fail.

The commonest answer to this situation is to drug ourselves. Sure, some do it with cannabis and heroin or alcohol and Valium. But almost everyone does it with food. In the modern world, endless consumption is the one ready fuel that can change our state whenever we need it, and it’s a situation that’s been marched forwards by numerous industries that profit from this issue.

Let’s make this clear. You live in a world where cancer is killing 1 in 2 people and heart disease claims a further 1 in 2. YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER. You need to take action to break our of the systemic brain washing and propaganda that is poured upon you daily and you need to start taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle today. It begins with a single step – the step to ‘I will care about myself’. Care about what you eat. Care about how you maintain your body. Care about the lifestyle you lead and where it is taking you. Care about the planet and how this Earth that sustains you and all is doing. Care about the emotions you feel on a daily basis. You don’t need to have all the answers right here and now but by educating yourself and by trying new things, big changes can occur with time.

There are challenges. All the biggest industries on Earth – oil and mining, arms, pharmaceutical and animal farming – are gaining from the destruction of our planet. The pollution from their greed creeps into everyone’s lives. And there are ongoing efforts to make you more profitable to them at the cost of your money, health and life. Hyper palatability is good example. That’s when food is so good, it’s addictive. Don’t take our word for it, take the director of FDA, Dr David Kessler’s word on hyper palatability.

You can learn more about Dr Brain Clements and the techniques for health he practices through his many books. Till next time we hear from Dr Brian Clements, keep on that wheatgrass!

Dr Dale PhD Says Fukushima Radiation Should Make Us Consider Chlorella & Spirulina

Dr. Theresa Dale PhD, CCN, NP, of the Wellness Center for Research and Education issued a statement addressing the rising concerns about the after effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. Has radiation gotten into the water supply? What about the food chain? And if the radiation was carried over on the wind what can be done to decontaminate ourselves?

The Bad News

According to Dr. Dale, unless the Japanese government entombs the entire Fukushima Plant, it will continue spewing into the environment, land, sea and air. The threat of radiation contamination to foods and supplies is prompting us to reconsider our lifestyle, diet and choice of supplementation support. This is something similar to the words that Dr Brian Clements of The Hippocrates Health Institute said to us when we met him as he visited London earlier this year. Dr Clements specifically said that we should consider all fish as contaminated. This was further backed up in April when Dr Udo Erasmus PhD, one of the leading experts on Omega oils, visited the UK. Dr Erasmus confirmed for us that there is no such thing as safe fish oils; Omega oils should come from vegetable nutrition.

The Good News

Dr Dale advocates proactive action against the negative effects of radiation, something I know many other health thought leaders support. Dr Dale has created her own radiation detoxification protocol drawing on experiences  from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Some of the key elements involves the use of seaweeds as the iodine in them helps prevent radiation lodging in the body. In addition there are some supplements known to be of use including chlorella and spirulina algaes. These algaes are known for their detoxifying benefits which may include drawing heavy metals and dioxins from the body. Dr Dale includes these together with Vitamin D3 and multi-minerals as part of her protocol. This is also similar to Robert Redfern‘s recent Serranol formulation, which combines an algae seaweed with serrapeptase enzymes, vitamin D3 and circumin. It’s often the case that elements work synergistically together as the body needs numerous vital elements to function optimally.

The Catch

The important take home from all this is not that there are ways of helping yourself if you were exposed to radiation. The catch is that you need to take action. Contaminants from Fukushima have been carried around the world on the air and in the sea and radiation doesn’t go away quickly. It’s here for years to come as we can tell by looking at Chernobyl 25 years on. If we are to go on some figures (see page 11 onwards), up to 6 million have died as a result of cancers they may not have suffered had Chernobyl not happened. Here’s a short extract from that official Greenpeace report:

Thyroid cancer increased dramatically in all three countries, as expected because of the release of large quantities of radioactive iodine from the Chernobyl catastrophe. For example, incidence in the highly contaminated Bryansk region in the period 1988-1998 was double that for Russia as a whole, and triple that figure by 2004. Estimates in excess possibly of 60,000 additional cases have been predicted for Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation alone.

Children who were 0-4 years old at the time of exposure were particularly vulnerable to this cancer. Before the accident, occurrence of thyroid cancer among children and adolescents averaged 0.09 cases per 100,000. After 1990, the frequency of occurrence rose to 0.57-0.63 per 100,000. The peak of thyroid cancer morbidity among those who were children and teenagers at the moment of the catastrophe was predicted to occur in the period 2001-2006. The cancer of the thyroid gland caused by Chernobyl appeared to be unusually aggressive, with early and rapid progression to form secondary tumours in the lymph glands and lungs, which worsened the prognosis and frequently demanded multiple surgical interventions to address.

Given the particularly long latency periods, which can be associated with thyroid cancer, new Chernobyl-induced cases may be expected to emerge for decades to come. Long-term monitoring of ‘at-risk’ populations, including those which received relatively low doses, will be essential to allow timely and effective medical intervention.

Research shows that the effects of a radioactive disaster takes years to show themselves fully. Radiation builds up in living organisms and in those which do not rid themselves of it fast enough, cancer may be the outcome.

Now is the time to adapt your life choices. Let’s take simple and easy steps to increase our standards of health. Avoid eating seafish and shellfish as these are an easy way for contamination to get into you. Take regular detoxification protocols and supplement with Chlorella and Spirulina to escort toxins out. Use formulas which include seaweed, like Serranol, or buy a seaweed condiment you can use on your food instead of salt. Keep working to improve your health. It’s not for today that you’re doing this so don’t worry about changing your world overnight, just keep going forwards!

Miranda Kerr Uses Chlorella in Her A-List Beauty Regime

Miranda Kerr is one of the world’s top models and wife to actor Orlando Bloom. Yet one question she’s asked often is how does she stay so beautiful? Miranda’s mother works at an organic food company and a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is part of Miranda’s secret. Miranda is also a big fan of Yoga yet one trick she revealed to the Yummy Mummy Beauty is that she takes chlorella regularly. Chlorella has an amazing property that helps the body regenerate at the DNA level, which, combined with it’s big mineral profile, make it an ideal anti-ageing food supplement.

Miranda Kerr and Chlorella feature
Miranda Kerr and Chlorella feature (click for larger version)

Sun Chlorella make what is generally regarded as ‘the Mercedes Benz’ of chlorella supplements due to their stringent production and patented manufacturing processes. Available in both easy to take chlorella tablets or as their luxurious and healing chlorella skin cream, Sun Chlorella is the choice of celebrities and athletes yet is accessibly priced and quick to show results when used. Dr Brian Clements, director of the reknown Hipprocrates Healing Institute, told us during his visit to London this weekend that Sun Chlorella has been found useful in treating heavy metal toxicity when taken as part of a detoxification protocol and British heavyweight boxer, David Haye, has been one of a large number of well known athletes who use it for it’s healing powers. For the rest of regular users, taking Sun Chlorella daily is a great way of keep our body clear from contaminants, supporting our natural regeneration processes, building muscle, staying younger looking and feeling great. Learn more about Sun Chlorella here.

Thoughts from Dr Brian Clements

Dr Brian Clements PhD LNC runs the world renown Hippocrates Health Institute. The Hippocrates Health Institute was co-founded by Ann Wigmore (1909 to 1994) who pioneered treatment of cancer having cured herself using natural methods.  We’re proud to support that to this day through education and distribution of some of the LifeGive health formulas from Hippocrates Health Institute.

Much of Dr Clement’s wisdom comes from his daily work with terminally ill patients having taken over the helm from Ann Wigmore sometime earlier and his annual talk in London is always full of insight. Big thanks go to The Fresh Network for organising it. Here are a few of the gems we picked up from attending:

  • Irradiated foods will permanently damage your chromosomes and DNA. That includes Micromeals so do stay away from the microwave. Incidentally, in the former Soviet Union, microwaves were banned due to their track record of increased cancer. This law was disbanded after capitalism came to the country and Russia now enjoys a much higher cancer rate.
  • 90% of cancers cured by Allopathic medicine recur.  This might sound shocking and yet it’s pretty obvious that if you don’t treat the cause of a problem it’ll keep on coming. It’s all very well giving someone chemotherapy but if they keep smoking or doing other toxic habits, the illness just comes back somewhere else
  • Children born today are now having a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This difference – on average 5 years – is attributable to the build up of toxicity in the environment. All that nuclear waste dumped at sea isn’t going away fast. Nor are the chemicals poured down drains, nor the plastics and petrol fumes burned into the air. It’s now a fact that even in the North Pole there is DDT and other toxic chemicals. These are causing hormonal development issues for many life forms, particularly larger life forms like Polar bears.
  • Everything was organic up to World War II. Polyester is nowadays sold as  microfibre since it’s not popular under it’s original name. Manmade fibres give of hormone disrupting chemicals as strong as the day they were made even after 10 years and thousands of washes.
  • Fake estrogens (xenoestrogens) both feminise males and masculinise females. Affecting your sexual preference and/or gender identity is one thing; more seriously they are implicated in a host of degenerative illnesses since a properly performing endocrine (or hormonal) system is vital for health. If your hormones become blocked, other functions in the body that should be triggered by them become troubled.

Most importantly, Dr Clements said the following:

Strong and healthy people talk back. Weak and unhealthy people can’t.

Today, health and the environment affect everyone. As Dr Vernon Coleman states in his book, How to avoid your doctor killing you, we have at least a 1 in 3 chance of getting cancer and if the rate continues, it’ll soon be 1 in 2. That’s 50-50. How many others will be affected by transgenderism, infertility, developmental disorders in their children or the host of other issues lined up against us? On top of that, everyone is being affected by the effect these same toxins are having on wildlife and the eco-systems they create.

Now is the time for us to stand up. Your daily choices make a difference. Could you avoid using bleaches and switch to non-polluting alternatives? Can you support the organic trade by clothing yourself in fashions that aren’t harmful? Will you make a conscious effort to say no to goods made of plastic that could be made of natural materials like glass, wood or metal?

You may be the unknown soldier who’s story is never told, but now is the time to be strong. Your actions make the difference whether or not anyone sees or cares. Most importantly, at least you won’t be one of the many who don’t care simply because they’re to weak and unhealthy to make the difference.