Updates to Nascent Iodine

Many of our regulars will have noticed the conspicuous absence of Nascent Iodine from The Detox Shop‘s digital shelves recently and we’ve had lots of calls and emails asking why. Has the product been discontinued? Have we stopped selling it? Why?

Since introducing the product, we’ve found that it’s significant health benefits made it an important part of our lines. This is especially true considering how the ongoing disaster and fiasco at Fukushima has exposed millions around the world to deadly radiation levels, especially if you consume any form of seafood – salmon from the Pacific Ocean being a good point to the case but just one of many ocean foods that now contain radiation in addition to previously known contaminants such as heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins. With so many deadly toxins now found in this food, we recommend avoiding it. Omega oils – the principle health benefit commonly cited as a reason to eat more fish – can be obtained from plant based sources. Most people do better getting their Omega 3s from seeds like Flax, Chia, Walnut or Hemp and for the few who have difficulty in processing them through to long chain Omega 3 EFAs, there are Algae derived Omega 3 formulas which are actually the very source the Salmon get them from in the first place without all the toxic bio-accumulation!

Iodine helps protect against radiation damage amongst other things and if you have exposure to it through diet or occupation, Nascent Iodine will support your detoxification. It also supports Thyroid health which is another significant use.

Nascent Iodine is manufactured in the USA in GMP facilities (that’s Good Manufacturing Process certified, a kind of hallmark for quality production facilities and methods). Last month the manufacturer announced that they would stop making Nascent Iodine and we ceased fulfilling orders after the last of our stock was sold.

It’s not all bad news! They stopped because they’ve decided they could improve on the packaging singulair for allergies. This has to date been a glass bottle with pipette. We love glass over plastics but this packaging was thin and it did mean that we had some problems initially with breakages in the post.

Nascent Iodine 30ml
Nascent Iodine 30ml

The good news is the revamped packaging has since been in production with new bottles of Nascent Iodine due to reach the UK later this week. While we’re yet to see whether the new packaging represents and significant aesthetic or functional changes, or simply a thicker version of the same, we warmly look forward to the return of Nascent Iodine to our store and our own detoxification protocols.

On behalf of the Nascent Iodine team, we send apologies that the need to stop production to change packaging made a short period during which the product was unavailable and for the inconvenience that may have caused some of you on detox programmes involving it. Here’s looking forwards to the next bottles arriving in your hands later this week. Thank you for all your enquiries, support and understanding through this period.


Making a Detox Protocol

Isn’t it a funny facet of human thinking that when we count what’s against us being healthy the list goes on and on – pollution, stress, lack of time, EMFs, lowering food standards, long work hours and more. Yet when we talk of what we do to keep ourselves healthy, people often cite just one thing as if it has the power to sweep away everything that’s working against them. One of the secrets of elite athletes and health experts is that rather than just doing one thing, they build a complete lifestyle around their health protocol. The difference is massive. What is a health protocol?

People use many different indicators for health – do you use just one or many?

A protocol is a system or process. It’s a bit like taking a bath. We don’t just run the water, step in and then step out to get clean. We know that we need to soak, we need to scrub and we need to wash with soap. The more advanced may even use a water filter or add purifying soaks to the water.

The same is true with health. If you take just one thing, by all means carry on – it’s a good habit. If you can stretch it to two that work together, they’ll multiply up the results. And once you hit three, you’re starting to reach a type of result that’s a bit like compound interest from a bank; over time the result will get greater and greater.

Here’s an example. A fundamental of health is never, ever let yourself become constipated. It can happy to anyone – a dry day or medication can affect our ability to go and once that happens our body starts to autointoxicate. The quickest cure from constipation relief by far the humble water enema. It’s the cheapest too as water costs very little so once you have a home enema kit and some lube you’re set to treat again and again.

Let’s say you take regular enemas. What else should you be doing to support your health?

The intestine houses not only our waste matter. That waste matter is the home to large amounts of bacteria. Washing away the waste will draw out with it a number of your friendly bacteria reserves along with the bad bacteria there. If you are going to do enemas frequently, it’s a good step to start taking a soil based organism probiotic. This boost to the recolonisation process will mean that the good bacteria are outnumbering the bad. Your digestion will strengthen, with better nutrient absorption and less gas and your immune system will face less taxing drains on it’s energy. Good products here include Prescript-Assist, the world’s first and only clinically proven soil based organism probiotic and it’s cheaper rival, Kiki Body Biotics, a similar blended formula which is yet to invest the huge amount of money required for pharmaceutical style testing like Prescript-Assist but which does very well based on anecdotal reports from users, many of whom are extremely loyal.

Now you’re in a place where hopefully you’re avoiding putting bad stuff in (no eating junk!), you’re cleaning out the debris regularly and you’re rebuilding your internal flora by taking soil based organism probiotics. Is there a way we could make this better still?

One of the reasons people get trouble in the colon is by becoming too acidic down there. It’s often dietary as meat, grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, tea and coffee, potatoes and processed foods leave acidic residues. Alkalising foods are mainly fresh fruit and veg, especially those served raw. Modern diets lean to the acidic side, something the body wasn’t designed for – after all, we were born without ovens built into us. I challenge anyone to live off of wheat, meat and eggs in their uncooked state. It’s impossible!

wheatgrass drink
Wheatgrass juice drink0

While we can get by off of foods that require cooking, they have this dark side of polluting our bodies with acidic residues. Taking an enema helps as it limits the time we are exposed to them yet there’s a way you can help your colon further! If you do a full enema until you are clean inside, you can finish by mixing a heaped tablespoon of wheatgrass powder with a pint of water. Use your enema to introduce this liquid to the colon in the same way as taking an enema except this time, hold it inside as long as you can. Wheatgrass powder is highly alkaline. It makes the walls of the colon alkaline which helps your friendly bacteria multiply further and suppresses the growth of bad bacteria, moulds, yeasts and candida.

On top of that, wheatgrass powder administered rectally gets absorbed by the portal vein from where it goes directly into the liver, the body’s detox HQ! Once there it serves as much needed reinforcements to this battlefield frontline, helping the liver purge out toxins and purifying the blood.

Buettner-Frank home enema kits are ideal for administering this type of wheatgrass implant as they are easier to clean.

By stacking these three techniques together, you can create a powerful foundation habit to support your health. Try it for one month daily and see the difference!

Corporations Have Developed New Ways of Making Food Addictive

Corporations have developed new ways of making food addictive that circumvents the need for that to be on the label warns Dr Brian Clements of The Hippocrates Health Institute. If you read our blog often, you’ll know that we have massive respect for his work in the field of healthcare. If he’s new to you, let us give you the quickest of introductions.

Dr Brian Clements of The Hippocrates Health Institute
Dr Brian Clements

The Hippocrates Health Institute was founded by Ann Wigmore, who, as a child in the former USSR was left to die in a park by her parents because she was sickly and they had no means to heal her. Something inside her kept her going and she began eating the grass where she lay. She started to recover her strength and made a full recovery. Years later, she found herself in America and diagnosed with cancer. Remembering her childhood incident, she began juicing grass and cured herself of cancer by this means. She subsequently went on to found The Hippocrates Health Institute which would focus on healing people by natural means. The foundation of their therapy protocol was – and still is – the consumption of large amounts of fresh wheatgrass juice and Ann Wigmore is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of this this modality. Ann eventually passed at the age of 84, still in excellent health.

Dr Brian Clements was working with Ann Wigmore at this time and worked extensively with her and her patients. After her death, he and his wife, Dr Anna-Maria Clements, took over running The Hippocrates Health Institute. It’s now in Florida, and it still works to treat serious illnesses using natural methods, with wheatgrass and a raw, living food diet as the foundation. The Hippocrates Health Institute continues to go from strength to strength and has thousands of patients treated successfully as well as an ongoing health educator programme that teaches individuals to take a healthy lifestyle back into their community and lift up those around them.

Dr Brian Clements travels the world spreading the word on natural health and the team from The Detox Shop pretty much always attend every seminar he gives when he comes to London for a weekend. There is so much to this man’s experience that years later we are still finding great value in his talks and here we’ll share some of the key takeaways from his talk in Mayfair, London on Saturday 16th March 2013.

For someone famous for raw food and wheatgrass, Dr Brain Clements talks surprisingly little about these things when presenting a seminar. In fact he often jokes, “we’re not the raw food religion!”. What he means by this is that food and nutrition are something we do for life, so there’s no need to be obsessive, in fact that can even be unhealthy. His prescription for food works out like this:

1 – If you are sick
If you are sick, have a serious or terminal illness and want to live, you need to be 100% raw, vegan and organic in your diet. Eating cooked food – even just a couple of percent – is a stress to our immune system and when you need that immune system to be fighting the real bad guys, don’t give it stupid jobs to do like fighting off the shock to the system caused by cooked foods.

2 – If you are not sick and want to stay that way
If you are not unwell then you can eat some cooked food and Dr Clements advises that you still keep this as organic and vegan. On top of that, there are studies that show how the immune system quickly diminishes the more cooked food you eat. By the time 50% of your diet is cooked, your immune system is already compromised. A minimum we should aim for as maintenance/staying healthy level is 75% of our food being raw and up to 25% cooked. Eating at this level, your immune system will function at around 30% less strength than if you were all raw, and it goes without saying that if you’re eating non-biologically evolved foods like grains or dairy, or friend and deep fried foods, these reduce your immune function more. If you must cook, baked and steamed are your best choices.

That said, don’t get irrationally hung up on numbers. We’re not meant to spend our life dieting or detoxing. We’re best if we choose a lifestyle and spend our days enjoying it. Everyone will have good and bad days. Concentrate on the good days and building a healthier lifestyle is easier. Concentrating on what you do wrong is often symptomatic of the bigger problem, a problem that Dr Brian Clements would spend most of his talk elaborating on. It’s hard to do him justice in a short space but the fundamentals of it are this:

We don’t love ourselves enough.

By loving ourselves, Dr Clements is not insinuating that we become conceited, self-masturbatory and thoughtless of others. It’s that basic premise that we all need to care for ourselves and our needs first so that we are fully able to help others. The needs of a human being are quite different from what City Fat Cats seem to think the needs are. And the problem is that so many of us have gotten so good at being mean to ourselves, it’s a wonder we aren’t sicker than we are.

As a society, we’ve become displaced and estranged from our natural needs. We no longer live a nomadic existence feeding off of the land. Instead we’re confined to boxes and buy our food in boxes. We no longer live in extended family communities but are forced far and wide by the needs of work and commerce. Most people’s dreams of money and fame are just so that they can buy the freedom and love that was the basis of human life in our ancestral communities.

As such, it’s not always just that we don’t love ourselves enough because we did something bad. It’s often the case that we feel that there’s something missing in modern life, that we’re always searching for something that will fill this void inside and that time and time again we fail.

The commonest answer to this situation is to drug ourselves. Sure, some do it with cannabis and heroin or alcohol and Valium. But almost everyone does it with food. In the modern world, endless consumption is the one ready fuel that can change our state whenever we need it, and it’s a situation that’s been marched forwards by numerous industries that profit from this issue.

Let’s make this clear. You live in a world where cancer is killing 1 in 2 people and heart disease claims a further 1 in 2. YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER. You need to take action to break our of the systemic brain washing and propaganda that is poured upon you daily and you need to start taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle today. It begins with a single step – the step to ‘I will care about myself’. Care about what you eat. Care about how you maintain your body. Care about the lifestyle you lead and where it is taking you. Care about the planet and how this Earth that sustains you and all is doing. Care about the emotions you feel on a daily basis. You don’t need to have all the answers right here and now but by educating yourself and by trying new things, big changes can occur with time.

There are challenges. All the biggest industries on Earth – oil and mining, arms, pharmaceutical and animal farming – are gaining from the destruction of our planet. The pollution from their greed creeps into everyone’s lives. And there are ongoing efforts to make you more profitable to them at the cost of your money, health and life. Hyper palatability is good example. That’s when food is so good, it’s addictive. Don’t take our word for it, take the director of FDA, Dr David Kessler’s word on hyper palatability.

You can learn more about Dr Brain Clements and the techniques for health he practices through his many books. Till next time we hear from Dr Brian Clements, keep on that wheatgrass!

Thoughts on the Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

In recent times there has been much talk of the threat caused to public health by the growing resistance of many bacteria and viruses to antibiotics. The nature of these organisms is that they can mutate and evolve far faster than higher organisms like humans and other mammals. The result has been strains of gonorrhea that are antibiotic resistant, the well known MRSA bug that also has evolved to be immune to current pharmaceutical medicines and the UK government’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, describing this as a “ticking time bomb” which should rank alongside terrorism in terms of the severity of threat to the nation. How did it come to this and what actions can individuals take to help avert this?

MRSA virus
MRSA vius

Dame Sally’s fears are built upon the view that if viruses mutate and become resistant to current antibiotics, routine operations will become as dangerous as they were in the 19th century with people dying frequently from common infections. Modern medical practices have lead to antibiotics being given for almost any type of non-descript malaise: go to your GP and complain of a sore throat, coughing, upset tummy or any of a wide range of other symptoms and the chances are you’ll be offered a prescription for some type of antibiotic. Since bacteria and viruses reproduce so incredibly fast, the chances of one of them becoming resistant whilst you take you course of antibiotics is always there – as a society, we’re the ones giving the microbes plenty of opportunity.

It’s not just the NHS that’s driving bacteria towards having the upper hand. Factory farming is massively guilty. Antibiotics are routinely administered to both animals and fish. At the same time, antibiotics are not able to kill of complete strains of virus which means that those still in the wild have time to develop. Why worry about viruses in animals mutating? Anyone recall bird flu? SARS? These are viruses that started out as common bacteria in livestock and which mutated. When they did, they gained the ability to infect humans, with deadly consequences. Modern international travel meant that within days, the virus was spreading around the world. No-one knows quite what the next strain will be or whether any medicines in the world’s current arsenal will be of any use in preventing a potential epidemic.

How can we wean ourselves off of our dependence on antibiotics? I certainly don’t profess to be the expert on all viruses and bacteria, but there are certain things I know that I can do at home to make my need for antibiotics less. If I don’t use antibiotics personally, it’s one less incubator for the potential superbug.

1 – Ditch Eating Meat

Meat eating promotes superbugs in several ways. Firstly, unless you are only eating organic, free range produce, your food has been treated with antibiotics many times. Why? Because they are raised in conditions in which bacteria thrive and which also suppress their immune system, making the live stock prone to infection. A well known tenet of naturopathic medicine and Chinese medicine is that if you eat foods that had a strong immune system, they’ll pass that vitality on to you. Sadly most modern day folk are eating food with compromised immune systems and then wondering why they too get ill. You are what you eat. It goes without saying that I needn’t go too far into the implications of horse meat to what I just said to let you know that processed factory farmed meat is even more dangerous to life on earth.

In summary, meat eating supports the growth of superbugs by supporting and industry that overuses antibiotics to offset it’s bad practices, creates substandard food that’s prone to infection and can carry that bacteria to your table, and food that reduces the immune system of those that eat it. Cut out eating anything factory farmed. If you still feel you need meat in your diet, eat it only a couple of times a week and make sure that it is only certified organic and free range.

2 – Build Your Immune System

The immune system is a bit like a new computer. At first it works like a dream but by the time you’ve added all those service packs and updates in, it doesn’t work like it use to! It takes longer to respond and longer to complete tasks. Why is this?

As we go through life, we’re constantly exposed to toxins. Some come from our natural bodily functions, while more come through the air, the water, the food we eat and any other substances we consume. Before we know it, our body has a whole range of critical issues to deal with and unless we spend the time and energy to cleanse ourselves internally of these, our immune system ends up with parts of it constantly stuck fighting to keep these away from causing damage. In fact typically, the body will store these toxins in the liver, the bones and most visibly, in excess fat.

Detoxification is a term used for supporting the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself of these. Some basic detoxes would include regular home enemas to allow the colon to clear faster, or the taking of serrapeptase to clear blockages in the arteries from expose to animal and cooked fats or tar from smoke. Higher cleanses can target the liver, gallbladder, lymph, blood and bone. Start taking detoxifying foods like wheatgrass and chlorella regularly and build detox protocols into your life. By helping your immune system have less to fight against you’ll allow it to have more energy to fight off bugs, meaning less colds and flus and less need for antibiotics.

3 – Think Twice Before Taking Antibiotics

Antibiotics are a vital part of the modern medical arsenal, giving doctors an ability to fight infection they never had before. Yet many times, we’re taking them for vague symptoms or for symptoms which would soon pass. Some of these include:

  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • coughs
  • headache
  • upset tummy

In naturopathic terms, these are all symptoms of a condition called ‘toxemia’ – the build up of excess toxins in the body. Once there are too many toxins in the body, bacteria come to feast upon the garbage which is why we get these common cold or flu-like symptoms. Here’s the important part of this logic to understand and the part we most commonly miss:

Bacteria eating up the excess toxins in our body is unpleasant to experience, however it fulfills a vital role. As they eat up the debris, they naturally die off from starvation and we are cleaned of our filth. This is why so many colds and flus come on after periods of excess, like the Christmas period where we tend to build up toxicity. And it’s also why most colds and flus last only a short time, especially if you eat a clean and modest diet or fast whilst affected by them. Because you’re not adding to the debris in the body, the bacteria devour the filth and then die off. Lastly, most of us are familiar with the post-flu high, a period where we feel good after having sweated out a cold or flu. This is because the body is clean!

If we take antibiotics when our body is naturally trying to harness the purging power of these bacteria to clean us, all that happens is kill the bacteria and keep our filth! The immune system then has to barricade the toxins in and when we next get ill, the symptoms are far worse as there’s now even more filth for the bacteria to feast upon.

It’s best to eat a clean pure, raw food diet so as not to let toxins in in the first place.

It’s best to supplement our dietary care for ourselves with regular detoxes to help out any toxins that get in through our own indiscretions or from environmental toxins.

The next best thing to do, is that should we start to develop cold or flu like symptoms, don’t reach for the antibiotics straight away. Most times, you’ll only experience symptoms for up to 3 days. Of course, if your symptoms do become more severe than a typical cold or flu, you should still speak to your doctor. I’m not advising you to turn your back on them as I don’t. I’m simply suggesting that if you feel rough but still able to get well on your own, it is better to let nature run it’s course as your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Lastly, go see the doctor. Even with great diet and lifestyle, regular detoxes and a good outlook towards self-care, it’s still possible to get seriously ill. If that happens, do talk to your doctor and keep all your options open.

4 – It Doesn’t Always Need To Be Antibiotic

Some years ago, I got really ill after visiting a hospital. It was a bit of a shock as I’d visited the top private hospital in Merton as an outpatient to see a consultant about a knee injury. The hospital looked immaculately clean to the eye yet by the afternoon, I could already feel the heaviness starting to come on in my head of a flu. Within hours it hit me hard and I was bedridden, surprised at how quickly this virus had gotten hold of me. I debated going to the doctor as I could feel within my body that this wasn’t a bacteria I’d experienced before and thee intensity of it’s virility was worrying – I wasn’t sure how bad I was going to get before I hit the bottom and started to fight back. Feeling slightly panicked, I called a naturopath I’d seen on Harley Street previously. His advice is still dear to me to this day.

“Is there anything I can do?” I sobbed.

“Do you have any high strength probiotics?” he answered.

“Yes, many” I replied.

“I want you to take a capsule every hour on the hour until the symptoms go. Antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body but it’s easier on the body if you crowd out the bad with heaps of good bacteria.”

I grabbed my trusty bottle of Kiki Body Biotics and got started right away. Sure enough by nightfall, the steam had been taken off of the bug’s advance. I got a little worse overnight but followed his advice again for the following day and that took the symptoms down to a manageable level – I was up and about again. I kept on the probiotics for another two days before moving to a maintenance dose.

This high dose, high strength probiotic use has the added benefit over taking antibiotics that at the end, your immune system is massively bolstered rather than run down, so the chances of relapse are less. It’s common knowledge that you should take a course of probiotcs after antibiotics.

I’ve since found that if I wanted to accelerate results with this technique, taking a teaspoon of wheatgrass prior to the probiotic helps them get established quicker as does taking an oxygen therapy capsule formula like Oxypowder or Colosan half an hour after each probiotic. Friendly bacteria thrive in oxygen rich, alkaline environments and these supplements create them. Bad bacteria typically thrive in oxygen-depleted, acidic environments, so these supplements also help make life difficult for them.

These are four of the ways I’ve found I can take antibiotics less frequently so that for the cases where the doctors do need them, they’ve a far high chance of success and I’m not contributing to the superbug scenario. In the last twenty years, I’ve taken antibiotics twice and in neither case has it been effective against the symptoms, which has furthered my view that it’s better to take responsibility for my own health than make myself dependent on my doctor. He’s a great guy who means well and I still consult him, but taking the steps to look after my immune system have meant that I only need to ask for help when I really need it, which is far less frequent.

Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 6

Today is a really quick post because it’s Saturday and there’s a million and one things to do! Still feeling good on my Bodytox Detox Foot Patch trial. I feel like overall my energy levels are up versus when I began my review of detox foot patches. And overall they’re working out nicely.

The detox foot pads have shown a pattern to their discolouration which makes sense according to my health so I feel less like they could just be a trick than when i started. At the same time, I don’t think they are detoxing heavy metal or are some type of miracle detox like some claim. I feel better, brighter and more positive to a level that feels about right for the money paid and wouldn’t give up eating well and exercising to rely just on detox foot patches. As part of a supplementary programme whilst on a bigger detox like a colon cleanse, liver cleanse or fasting, I could see myself using them quite often to optimise my results.

Here so we can compare is today’s detox foot patch photo. Gross once again!

Day 6's detox foot patch
Day 6’s detox foot patch

There’s a fair chance I won’t get to post again till Wednesday as I’m off on a training bootcamp from tomorrow but there’s enough in the past 6 days worth of detox foot patch reviews for you to get a feel for what it’s like to use these detox aids and a feel for whether detox foot patches really work. If you’ve got any experiences with detox foot patched, whether from Bodytox or another brand, that I or the world should know about, I’d love to hear from you – do email me!

Have a great weekend.

Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 5

Hey guys, it’s Misae. I’m in the home straight now on this 7 day Bodytox Detox Foot Patch detox. It’s day 5. Since day 2 I’ve been feeling good pretty much every day of this detox. It’s not been the type of detox that’s so intense, one just wants to crawl into bed and sleep it off which makes me think that some claims I read on the internet about detox foot patches being able to remove heavy metals from the body are probably exaggerated. I do feel like some toxicity is being released but it’s unlike previous detoxes I’ve done where we were specifically targeting heavy metal removal. Let me share a little more on this.

Heavy metal
This type of heavy metal is less toxic!

Heavy metal toxicity is a widespread problem. Most of us are aware that cheap jewellery can make skin break out in a rash. What if that metal was consumed? Worse, what if more poisonous metals like lead, cadmium, uranium or mercury got inside you? There are actually a lot of ways for this to happen:

  • Petrol in the UK is now mostly unleaded but it wasn’t always! Breathing in the fumes of leaded petrol meant lead would be absorbed

  • As industrial waste is often dumped into the sea, fish accumulate toxicity. If you eat fish, you could bioaccumulate what they bioaccumulated
  • Mercury is part of Amalgam Tooth Fillings – these are the dark colour fillings that dentists were very keen on up until more recently when they became illegal in Norway, Denmark and Sweden over concerns that mercury leaks from dental amalgam fillings into the internal organs. In California, larger dentists are required to state:

    Notice to Patients, Proposition 65: Warning on dental amalgams, used in many dental fillings, causes exposure to mercury, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Root canal treatments and restorations including fillings, crowns and bridges, use chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has studied the situation and approved for use all dental restorative materials. Consult your dentist to determine which materials are appropriate for your treatment.

Actually there are plenty more ways to get heavy metal toxicity into you but these three are so common, many of us have had exposure at one point or other. I had all 3! When it came to getting rid of my amalgam fillings, I was lucky to be under the guidance of Dr Phil Wander, the now retired founder and chairman of The British Homeopathic Dental Association. At the same, I also had a naturopath guiding me with live blood testing, Skenar and hair mineral analysis to get accurate diagnostics on heavy metal levels. I did a whole range of things including going on a raw and living food diet, having my mercury fillings removed, taking heavy metal detoxification formulas, homeopathic anti-mercury formulas, eating crazy amounts of coriander, chlorella and apples, doing colon cleanses with bentonite, ozone therapy both by using ozone-powders and by blood transfusion, zeolite cleanses, hydrogen peroxide baths, air filters…. oh yeah, I really worked to get the mercury out.

The point I’m trying to make here is that heavy metals are very dangerous in the body which is why the body wraps them in fat and stores them in dark places. It tries to keep them away from the internal organs because it realises how dangerous they are. Herein lies the difficulty in getting rid of them. In my experience, they don’t leave easily. Just popping a handful of chlorella tablets is not going to be enough. You need to be consistent and work at it daily. You also need to get your body up to a level of health where it has the reserves and energy to expel the toxic metals. Apart from getting my fillings out, my mercury removal process took the better part of a year and I was really intense at it. Many days, by the evening I was so tired I was in bed soon after dinner time. Finally, one day I started to feel a strange itching sensation on my jaw. At first I thought it was some kind of zit but it grew over a few days into this bit, red, angry burning patch on the skin about the size of a thumbnail. I’ve never experienced anything like it before or after, and it was beside the teeth that previously had had mercury fillings.

Subsequent hair mineral analysis and blood analysis showed my mercury levels had dropped.

Having experienced how hard it is to get heavy metals out, I doubt that detox foot patches are doing it. If they are, it’s only going to be minuscule amounts and I’d suggest Sun Chlorella tablets would be a far better strategy if removing heavy metals were your primary concern.

Where I think that detox foot patches can help is in gently supporting the detoxification of all the internal organs. If the organs are strong, they’ll take care of the heavy work themselves.

Detox Foot Patch - day 5
Detox Foot Patch – day 5

Looking at my latest detox foot patches, I still get the same circle in the same place. I checked this out and it’s over the kidney point on the foot and there are points for the adrenals and pancreas by it. That seems right as I feel pretty chilled out. The larger dark area is mainly parts of the colon and day 5’s detox foot patch is actually quite a bit yukkier than yesterdays. I had a lazy day in the kitchen and had sweetcorn chowder with bread for dinner – that’ll teach me to stay away from wheat and dairy!

Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 4

Hey guys, it’s Misae reporting back on day 4 of my Bodytox Detox Foot Patch detox. Yesterday, I was very tired. I wanted to be productive, like in previous days, but by dinner time I realised my late night at the birthday party meant it was going to be like pushing water uphill to get much out me. I settled into bed early, took an Asphalia For Natural Sleep capsule, and had the most pleasant sleep. I even woke an hour before my alarm! This was very good news as Spring is coming and even as a permaculturist, there’s a lot that needs to be done in the garden, so the extra hour will be spent digging.

Yesterday, I had placed my detox foot patches slightly higher towards the ball of my foot than previously. I’d thought that was good as it would mean I could tap more reflexology points. Last night, I thought twice about that. Would it really be a fair trial if I kept shifting? Even though the detox foot patch was only a centimeter or two from where it was each other night, I decided last night that I should stick at the original spot as closely as possible. Here’s what happened:

Detox Foot Patch - day 4
Detox Foot Patch – day 4

It’s probably worth a quick visual recap here:

Bodytox Detox Foot Patch - day 1
Bodytox Detox Foot Patch – day 1 (note on this the right foot patch is on the left and the left patch on the right of the picture unlike every other photo where they are the right way round)


Detox Foot Patch - Day 2
Detox Foot Patch – Day 2
Detox Foot Patch - Day 3
Detox Foot Patch – Day 3 – the day when I shifted them higher
Detox Foot Patch - day 4
Detox Foot Patch – day 4

Now I see the detox foot patches like this, they tell a better story of themselves. On day 1 I spoke about how my right foot was more congested and how my accupuncturist had already suggested this condition to me a fortnight prior to the trial. This is because I damaged the meniscus and cartilage in my knee on the right side and the swelling in the knee was preventing circulation being as good. On day 2 the patches clear, with less brown area and some big clear patches in the middle – I think this is the kidney or gallbladder, although it could be part of the colon, as I had a good clearance of there upon awakening! On day 3 I put them higher up the foot and they were all gunked up again. Although it seems to have been a good clearance from my personal detoxification point of view, it broke the chronology so I won’t do that again. Finally, on day 4 we see the same area as day 1 and 2 and you can see the clear patches in the centre once again but that also there’s a lot less area browning.

I’m not yet quite sure what it all means, but there’s clearly a trend developing. The fact that the patches don’t just always go brown whenever used is interesting; it suggests that it’s not just a scam where they’d always turn brown. Rather these detox foot patches seem to be following a pattern as my body detoxes. Weird! And very intriguing! Looking forward to tonight’s patch even more now.

Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 3

Morning all! It’s day 3 of my trial of Bodytox Detox Foot Patches so here’s what’s happened. Yesterday, the pain in my foot subsided as the day went on. I didn’t shine as brightly as day 1 but I did get a lot done all the same, including catering for a 40th birthday party. It ended late and so today I’m a little sleepy-headed but emotionally I feel strong.

My day 3 detox foot patches have just come off. Once again I had the inner warming sensation after application and I put them slightly higher up the arch the foot this time. This was because after looking at the reflexology foot chart, it seemed like there were a lot more points towards the toes than at the heel and I got greedy for more benefit! At the same time, I wanted to keep the detox foot patches at least 50 – 60% over the area they were on so that I could still get a deep detox.

The detox foot patches seem to be lighter in the areas that have changed colour than on day 1 of the detox.

Detox foot patch - day 3

Detox foot patch – day 3

My feet feel good and alive! Ok, not quite as tingly and special as when my reflexologist works her magic, but definitely invigorated.

Overall I feel good on this detox. It’s nowhere near as intense as fasting but it’s not hard work either which is a nice bonus – I can work detox foot patch detox into my normal life without having to make any extra provision for it. A full-on fasting detox is best done when one has time on one’s hand as taking care of work, kids and so on can make detoxing feel a real burden. So too can Oxy-powder cleansing, or other protocols like liver and gall-bladder detoxes or the lemon detox. It doesn’t feel like the elimination is anywhere near the level you’d get from a fruit, juice, wheatgrass or water fast but at the same time you could use detox foot patches with one of those protocols to accelerate the results or separately as part of maintenance and given the minimal amount of effort required, the amount of detoxification seems acceptable.

I still have a few more days worth of detox foot patches to work through however. We’ll see if anything changes. I have given a few to a friend to try. She doesn’t have great circulation as she’s fond of her fatty treats. One thing she says is that when she wears the patches, she doesn’t feel the warming effect. I did read this in the instructions; if you circulation isn’t so strong you may not feel the warmth. That said, her patches were pretty gross on day 1 and less on day 2 so it seems that regardless of whether you sense the far-infrared heat or not, the same detox process takes place.

I’m off to get some more strawberry-cacao-spirulina smoothie! Till tomorrow, live healthy!

Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 2

It’s Misae again. Yesterday I talked about how I’d been talked into trying a detox using Bodytox Detox Foot Patches and in my previous post, I’d shared my initial thoughts and results. But it also seems I may have spouted off about the foot patches too early – the detox didn’t end when I posted in the morning!

To recap, in my first use of Bodytox Detox Foot Patches, I tried one on either foot while I slept. I felt an unusual inner warmth to my feet before nodding off and when I awoke my feet were host to a dull, aching that lingered on for hours.

I had a really busy and highly productive Monday which somewhat distracted me from the fact I developed quite a headache by lunchtime. This was slightly surprising as nothing else had changed other than I took the patches. I did all my usual routine – drink plenty of water on rising, have fruit smoothie for breakfast followed by a white tea then a lunch salad of shredded apples with home grown kale and cavelo nero, topped with raisins and pumpkin seeds. All raw and organic. I’d not been drinking the night before so had no real reason for the headache that I could discern other than the detox foot patches.

Kale – yum! Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweetonveg/

Towards late afternoon the headache left although I do confess I ate a bag of Tyrells Lightly Salted Potato Chips and Ferrero Roche; something I’d rarely eat normally! Not quite sure where that hunger pang came from although food cravings are not unusual on detoxes.

I was extremely productive yesterday and worked into the evening on personal paperwork I’d been putting off for months. I often find that when I am detoxing I get like this. I might clean up or I might plough through paperwork but for some reason, the heightened state of elimination in the body always seems to be accompanied by a mental detox. Unlike the headache, I wouldn’t mind being this focused more often!

I’ve just taken off my day 2 Bodytox Detox Foot Patches and I had the same strange heated foot sensation as the night before when the patches were on my feet. It’s strange because it’s not like head on the surface, like when you touch a hot water bottle or radiator. The skin touching the detox foot patch itself doesn’t feel warm; for me I feel like the inside flesh of the foot is being warmed.

I have a little ache in my feet; not as much as yesterday. I did however awake before my alarm which was unusual as I ended up sleeping very late for a Monday – it was just after 1am when I slept. I don’t feel as tired as I probably should. I did take an Asphalia For Natural Sleep capsule at about 12.30am because I knew working on the PC till so late had slaughtered my Melatonin production for the night.

I awoke and a quick, natural bowel movement. That’s not unusual for me; I eat a good diet with lots of fibre but just the last couple of weeks I’ve not gone immediately on waking, but some 20 minutes later. Perhaps the lack of movement since I hurt my knee combined with the mucus forming foods over Chinese New Year and Valentines had made a minor blockage? At any rate, I hadn’t been detoxing that way at my optimum and it felt good.

The ache on my foot is much diminished today. It’s there but much less so.

The most surprising part of today was looking at the detox foot patches after I removed them:

Detox Foot Patch - Day 2
Detox Foot Patch – Day 2

As you can see, both detox foot patches have a clear area in the centre. Both had been applied in the same place as the previous day’s foot patches – across the centre of the foot.

Reflexology foot map
Reflexology foot map

I checked this against the reflexology chart and sure enough the points I’m tapping relate to the colon! The extra easy evacuation does tie in with that well.

I’m feeling good today. I have a birthday party to go to tonight (not mine) so I know I’ll be eating some foods which are more fun than functional. I’m excited to see what tomorrow’s detox foot patch will bring. I’m starting to feel a lot more positive towards these detox foot patches than my initial skeptical view but I also now wonder if I just poo-pooed the idea because it seemed too easy compared to other detoxes I’d tried. I’ll update you some more tomorrow; till then, have an awesome day!