Updates to Nascent Iodine

Many of our regulars will have noticed the conspicuous absence of Nascent Iodine from The Detox Shop‘s digital shelves recently and we’ve had lots of calls and emails asking why. Has the product been discontinued? Have we stopped selling it? Why?

Since introducing the product, we’ve found that it’s significant health benefits made it an important part of our lines. This is especially true considering how the ongoing disaster and fiasco at Fukushima has exposed millions around the world to deadly radiation levels, especially if you consume any form of seafood – salmon from the Pacific Ocean being a good point to the case but just one of many ocean foods that now contain radiation in addition to previously known contaminants such as heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins. With so many deadly toxins now found in this food, we recommend avoiding it. Omega oils – the principle health benefit commonly cited as a reason to eat more fish – can be obtained from plant based sources. Most people do better getting their Omega 3s from seeds like Flax, Chia, Walnut or Hemp and for the few who have difficulty in processing them through to long chain Omega 3 EFAs, there are Algae derived Omega 3 formulas which are actually the very source the Salmon get them from in the first place without all the toxic bio-accumulation!

Iodine helps protect against radiation damage amongst other things and if you have exposure to it through diet or occupation, Nascent Iodine will support your detoxification. It also supports Thyroid health which is another significant use.

Nascent Iodine is manufactured in the USA in GMP facilities (that’s Good Manufacturing Process certified, a kind of hallmark for quality production facilities and methods). Last month the manufacturer announced that they would stop making Nascent Iodine and we ceased fulfilling orders after the last of our stock was sold.

It’s not all bad news! They stopped because they’ve decided they could improve on the packaging. This has to date been a glass bottle with pipette. We love glass over plastics but this packaging was thin and it did mean that we had some problems initially with breakages in the post.

Nascent Iodine 30ml

Nascent Iodine 30ml

The good news is the revamped packaging has since been in production with new bottles of Nascent Iodine due to reach the UK later this week. While we’re yet to see whether the new packaging represents and significant aesthetic or functional changes, or simply a thicker version of the same, we warmly look forward to the return of Nascent Iodine to our store and our own detoxification protocols.

On behalf of the Nascent Iodine team, we send apologies that the need to stop production to change packaging made a short period during which the product was unavailable and for the inconvenience that may have caused some of you on detox programmes involving it. Here’s looking forwards to the next bottles arriving in your hands later this week. Thank you for all your enquiries, support and understanding through this period.

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