The End Of Enteric Serraenzyme Capsules

Serraenzyme is a product that’s been around for a while. One of the first products designed to deliver the inflammation fighting serrapeptase enzyme into the body, it was first brought to the market by Robert Redfern of Good Health Naturally in the 1980s. Now in 2013 it’s time to say goodbye to Serraenzyme’s enteric coated capsules.

Serra Enzyme serrapeptase capsules

Serra Enzyme serrapeptase capsules

Before you all start panicking and emailing in, we know this is a massively important health product for so many of you. You rely on Serraenzyme to deliver it’s natural serrapaptase anti-inflammatory charge daily. This isn’t the end of the road for Serraenzyme, it’s a step forwards. Let me explain:

Serraenzyme has been available in four versions for many years:

– enteric coated capsules
– delayed release capsules
– enteric coated tablets
– delayed release tablets

Of the Serraenzyme product family, the one which has now reached retirement is the enteric coated capsule variety.

Why are the enteric coated capsule variety of Serraenzyme being discontinued? The simple answer is that advances in the design and manufacture of the delayed release formula now mean that Good Health Naturally’s new delayed release capsule formula delivers the same or more benefit than the enteric coated and in doing so it takes less other things into the body.

For those with a more technical mind, Serraenzyme to deliver it’s serrapeptase, it needs to release the enzymes into an active state after the serrapeptase has passed through the stomach. When the serrapeptase is released in the intestine, it gets absorbed through the wall lining and starts to be carried around the body on the blood flow. This enables it to support healthy resolution of inflammation in many places far away from the intestine, such as arthritis in the fingers or knees or lung inflammation. The new delayed release Serraenzyme formula protects the serrapeptase from the stomach and enables the serrapeptase to be released in the intestine fully. It does so without the extra materials that the old enteric coated Serraenzyme formula did and so represents a small but worthwhile step forwards for Serraenzyme users. Whilst the extra coating represented only a tiny amount, the body still needed to detox it out. With the new Serraenzyme formula, even that is a thing of the past.

Lucy Thomas-Redfern (Robert’s wife) emailed us this official news release on the change earlier this week:

In our efforts to deliver only the very best products available, we have changed SerraEnzyme capsules from being ‘enteric coated’ to ‘delayed release’. This will be used to fulfil orders within the week.

This new and innovative technique protects the serrapeptase from the harsh acidic environment of the stomach – ensuring full disintegration in the intestine. This slow method of delivery has been shown to further improve results!

To offer choice, all of the capsules in our serrapeptase range are now ’delayed release’ (phthalate free) and the tablets are all enteric coated (phthalate free). Apart from the coating everything else is the same! There is still 80,000iu’s Serrapeptase per cap, the price is the same and SerraEnzyme (delayed release) is Kosher & Vegetarian Society certified. 

The enteric coated capsule variety of Serraenzyme is now out of production. Some vendors may still sell it for a while until stocks are consumed or expired.

If you are a Serraenzyme user and you took the enteric coated capsule, your choice going forwards is either to move to the new delayed release capsule or to Serraenzyme in tablet form. In that variety, there will still be an enteric coated option for the time being.

The new delayed release Serraenzyme capsule features a blue bottle top as opposed to the red cap that the old enteric coated version had. Ask for this version now if unsure as you’ll then be taking Robert Redfern’s latest development in this unique and much loved family of serrapaptase products.

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