Making a Detox Protocol

Isn’t it a funny facet of human thinking that when we count what’s against us being healthy the list goes on and on – pollution, stress, lack of time, EMFs, lowering food standards, long work hours and more. Yet when we talk of what we do to keep ourselves healthy, people often cite just one thing as if it has the power to sweep away everything that’s working against them. One of the secrets of elite athletes and health experts is that rather than just doing one thing, they build a complete lifestyle around their health protocol. The difference is massive. What is a health protocol?


People use many different indicators for health – do you use just one or many?

A protocol is a system or process. It’s a bit like taking a bath. We don’t just run the water, step in and then step out to get clean. We know that we need to soak, we need to scrub and we need to wash with soap. The more advanced may even use a water filter or add purifying soaks to the water.

The same is true with health. If you take just one thing, by all means carry on – it’s a good habit. If you can stretch it to two that work together, they’ll multiply up the results. And once you hit three, you’re starting to reach a type of result that’s a bit like compound interest from a bank; over time the result will get greater and greater.

Here’s an example. A fundamental of health is never, ever let yourself become constipated. It can happy to anyone – a dry day or medication can affect our ability to go and once that happens our body starts to autointoxicate. The quickest cure from constipation relief by far the humble water enema. It’s the cheapest too as water costs very little so once you have a home enema kit and some lube you’re set to treat again and again.

Let’s say you take regular enemas. What else should you be doing to support your health?

The intestine houses not only our waste matter. That waste matter is the home to large amounts of bacteria. Washing away the waste will draw out with it a number of your friendly bacteria reserves along with the bad bacteria there. If you are going to do enemas frequently, it’s a good step to start taking a soil based organism probiotic. This boost to the recolonisation process will mean that the good bacteria are outnumbering the bad. Your digestion will strengthen, with better nutrient absorption and less gas and your immune system will face less taxing drains on it’s energy. Good products here include Prescript-Assist, the world’s first and only clinically proven soil based organism probiotic and it’s cheaper rival, Kiki Body Biotics, a similar blended formula which is yet to invest the huge amount of money required for pharmaceutical style testing like Prescript-Assist but which does very well based on anecdotal reports from users, many of whom are extremely loyal.

Now you’re in a place where hopefully you’re avoiding putting bad stuff in (no eating junk!), you’re cleaning out the debris regularly and you’re rebuilding your internal flora by taking soil based organism probiotics. Is there a way we could make this better still?

One of the reasons people get trouble in the colon is by becoming too acidic down there. It’s often dietary as meat, grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, tea and coffee, potatoes and processed foods leave acidic residues. Alkalising foods are mainly fresh fruit and veg, especially those served raw. Modern diets lean to the acidic side, something the body wasn’t designed for – after all, we were born without ovens built into us. I challenge anyone to live off of wheat, meat and eggs in their uncooked state. It’s impossible!

wheatgrass drink

Wheatgrass juice drink0

While we can get by off of foods that require cooking, they have this dark side of polluting our bodies with acidic residues. Taking an enema helps as it limits the time we are exposed to them yet there’s a way you can help your colon further! If you do a full enema until you are clean inside, you can finish by mixing a heaped tablespoon of wheatgrass powder with a pint of water. Use your enema to introduce this liquid to the colon in the same way as taking an enema except this time, hold it inside as long as you can. Wheatgrass powder is highly alkaline. It makes the walls of the colon alkaline which helps your friendly bacteria multiply further and suppresses the growth of bad bacteria, moulds, yeasts and candida.

On top of that, wheatgrass powder administered rectally gets absorbed by the portal vein from where it goes directly into the liver, the body’s detox HQ! Once there it serves as much needed reinforcements to this battlefield frontline, helping the liver purge out toxins and purifying the blood.

Buettner-Frank home enema kits are ideal for administering this type of wheatgrass implant as they are easier to clean.

By stacking these three techniques together, you can create a powerful foundation habit to support your health. Try it for one month daily and see the difference!

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