Elvis Presley died of chronic constipation

Today’s Daily Mail reports on a story which isn’t news to most colonic irrigation therapists – Elvis Presley died of chronic constipation according to his doctor. When I first took a clinic based colonic hydrotherapy treatment course as a detoxification, the nurse administering it at the Lynden Hill Clinic gave a lot of insight on Elvis’ diet. It made me consider my own food choices better and through that 10 session programme I came to understand in much more detail how foods affected my moods, health and wellbeing.

Constipation isn’t healthy. It’s very common yet most people ignore their symptoms. If you do that toxins can easily accumulate in your system and turn into something far worse. Colon cancer kills far too many people every year. According to Cancer Research UK, lifetime chances of contracting colorectal cancer are 1 in 16 for men and 1 in 20 for women.

To avoid constipation here are some simple steps:

  • Drink more water and limit your intake of dehydrating drinks like tea, coffee and alcohol
  • Increase the amount of salad you eat to at least the size of a cereal bowl with each dinner. It’s high fibre and water content keeps you going and all the vitamins and antioxidants help reduce toxicity
  • Reduce your intake of dairy products. These become sticky when passing through the colon and slow you down
  • Avoid white processed bread and rice. These have little fibre and will stick to the insides rather than pass through as nature intended, resulting in constipation
  • If you are constipated, strongly restrict your intake of meat or abstain until you regain regularity. Meat has no fibre in it and also carries the highest amount of toxins. Meat waste makes bad bacteria and other pollutants as it passes through, however if it does so slowly the chances of these being reabsorbed into you and damaging your immune are high
  • Avoid fizzy drinks, whether beer, lemonade, cola or fizzy water. The bubbles cause gas that has to come out somewhere and that gas’ natural inclination to rise rather than get pushed down makes it another obstacle to elimination

Using these dietary modifications is simple and anyone can do them at no cost. To get yourself moving initially, do also look at Digestion Stimulator and Oxypowder. If you are shy or you have not the money needed for a health clinic course of colon hydrotherapy, use a home enema kit. It’s quick, easy and painless, makes no mess and you’ll feel great afterwards. It’s normally a lot less smelly than most people normally are since using water to escort everything out quickly reduces the bad odour.

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit

Lastly, Colon Cleanses like the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit, enable you to take a full colon detox. Just like any pipe, the colon is prone to getting blocked and this is your pipe cleaner! It uses herbs to stimulate movement, antioxidants to mitigate the toxins a clogged bowel gives off and healing clays to remove the built up debris. Since having first done one, I’ve found my skin has become much clearer, my energy levels and moods much more stable and my thinking sharper. I also found I didn’t need to eat anywhere near as much to feel full since after cleaning up, all the nutrients in my food was getting in properly.

Elvis’ death was a great tragedy for the world of entertainment and a testimony to how social norms and pride can lead a person to ruin. Like his doctor says in the Daily Mail article, he could still be here now if only he’d taken treatment. Listen to your body and take action if it needs it.

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