Natural & Organic Products Show – Dr Roger Coghill and Asphalia

The annual Natural and Organic Products Show brings together many of the innovators and leaders within the industry and the growing choice and diversity of offering available is testament to the growing level of consumer awareness in the UK. Simply put, we no longer want a product that’s effective at what it does, we want one that didn’t destroy the environment to be made, doesn’t damage the environment by our using it and which doesn’t poison us or our loved ones for having used it. Well done – your choices really are making a difference! Please keep on supporting natural and organic products and more and more bigger companies will shift to providing them. We all need this change.

Dr Roger Coghill with our Angela and John of Asphalia

One pioneer it was lovely to catch up with was the ever-bubbly Dr Roger Coghill, inventor of the award winning Asphalia sleep aid product. Some of you may have seen the ground breaking documentary that Dr Coghill features in, Resonance – Beings of Frequency. I caught up with Dr Coghill and asked him of it.

For those of you who’ve not seen the documentary, I strongly urge you too – it’s one of the most eye opening compilations of science backed facts about how EMFs such as mobile phone signals and wifi are affecting a multitude of life forms from bees to human beings. Dr Coghill was researching into the effects of EMF disturbance on the body when he became interested in Melatonin. Melatonin is not only a hormone responsible for putting the body into deep sleep, it’s a powerful antioxidant.

In our evolutionary design, human beings are meant to release significant amounts of melatonin in the evening as a precursor to sleep. This sets us into a deep, rejuvenating sleep during which our body deals with the free radicals – toxic damaging elements – within the body. If our Melatonin is disturbed, not only is our sleep diminished, our body’s immune system is compromised. Resonance details much more on how EMFs are part of the rise in cancer rates, not necessarily because they cause cancer themselves, although a growing body of research is suggesting this, but more over, they are implicated because of the way they reduce the body’s natural defences against cancer.

Asphalia helps combat both EMF exposure and sleep problems by helping the body replenish it’s Melatonin levels. Made purely from Wheatgrass and Barleygrass in Wales, UK, it’s been an award winning all-natural product and there are many testimonials from users who claim to have significantly better overall health as a result of improved sleep.

I’ve also been using it regularly since we started to sell it a little earlier this year and my own personal experience is what gives me confidence in recommending this product. I used to suffer insomnia on occasion, mainly because at busy times I may end up working on the computer till late into the night. After some time in this, I also found I was becoming prone to eczema breakouts. I started taking Asphalia one tired night when I couldn’t sleep; it was nothing to with the eczema at all. I found that within about half an hour I came over drowsy and fell into the deepest sleep I’d had in a long time. When I awoke, I wasn’t groggy and I had no difficulty waking up early when a delivery man rang at the door. The feeling of rejuvenation was sufficient that I continued taking it and now I take it most days, not because I have to – often I take it even when I can feel I’m going to sleep anyway – but because I can feel how much extra the body rejuvenates and restores overnight when Asphalia is taken. The reason I mentioned eczema is because it’s one of the more visible issues that has improved since I’ve been taking it and because it’s visible, it’s more quantifiable than just a general feeling. Without doubt the redness has eased massively, at least 80%. Once in a while I eat grains and I have an allergy to these which seems to flare my eczema, but the outbreak is now mercifully much more contained than ever and mostly results in itching at a level which is tolerable, if at times, distracting. I’d definitely recommend Asphalia as part of an overall health program as the night time boost you get from taking this product seems to build the more frequently you take it.

Dr Coghill did tell my colleague Angela that you can take Asphalia in the day during which time it doesn’t put you to sleep, rather it really chills you out. I will try that one stressed out day but as I only heard this technique a day ago I’ve not had a chance to witness it myself.

Dr Coghill is retiring later this year, although Asphalia will continue to be available through the company that currently manufacture it for him. As a pioneering figure in the UK health scene, we were relieved to hear that the good doctor’s years of experience and research won’t be disappearing. Instead, he’ll be focusing on his research and education projects rather than commercial affairs. On behalf of everyone who has enjoyed better health because of Asphalia and his research into EMFs, we wish him all the very best in his new chapter and we look forward to picking his brains for a more in-depth interview soon.

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