Limited Edition Sun Chlorella Bathing Granules

Regular readers and the health savvy consumer will already know that regular consumption of algaes can have significant health benefits. In fact during his recent London talks, Dr Brian Clements of The Hippocrates Health Institute named algaes as one of his 3 things he takes daily and recommends everyone does. As well as Spirulina and E3 EFA, chlorella is a hugely important algae due to it’s ability to assist in detoxification programs and to help the body rejuvenate. And of chlorella brands, Sun Chlorella is widely respected as the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of chlorella due their farming standards and patented processes to make the nutrients in Chlorella available for human digestion. Small wonder Sun Chlorella has so many celebrity fans. Now, for a limited time, you can enjoy the cell rejuvenating power of Sun Chlorella in a new way – as a limited edition bath soak!

Sun Chlorella logo

Sun Chlorella have produced and provided us with a number of packets of this super-cool innovation. Simply add the packet of granules to your bath as you would any bath soak. Then sit back and relax whilst allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients. Each pack contains two sachets – one per bath is sufficient.

We will be offering the Sun Chlorella Bath Soak Granules free with purchases of Sun Chlorella A tablets and Sun Chlorella facial rejuvenation cream. They are strictly limited edition. We only have so many and Sun Chlorella are not making more at this stage, so stock will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to those ordering the promotional Sun Chlorella listings from within our store. Additionally, the promotional Sun Chlorella Bath Soak Granule packs are only available by shopping with us direct at The Detox and will not be released on our other online outlets such as The Detox Shop eBay store. Watch out for the promotional listings appearing in store over this weekend!

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