Powerlines and childhood leukaemia

The following was shared to me by Power Watch and originally published on their EMF Fields news website. I’m reposting it here as I feel it’s an important point more people need to be aware of whilst choosing a home to buy or rent.

Another study, published in March 2010, by Malagoli, shows an increased risk of childhood leukaemia near powerlines.

Children were 5 times more likely to develop ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) if they lived in magnetic field levels above 0.1 microtesla near powerlines.

The evidence for an association between powerfrequency magnetic fields and childhood cancer continues to grow. While many of the studies have been criticised, and indeed some have had shortcomings, it is difficult to ignore every one.

Magnetic fields over 0.1 microtesla in the home are also produced by house wiring and electrical appliances. We recommend, as a precautionary measure, that these fields are reduced, especially in children’s bedrooms, where their immune system is strengthened during sleep.

The paper can be found on Pubmed.

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