Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 4

Hey guys, it’s Misae reporting back on day 4 of my Bodytox Detox Foot Patch detox. Yesterday, I was very tired. I wanted to be productive, like in previous days, but by dinner time I realised my late night at the birthday party meant it was going to be like pushing water uphill to get much out me. I settled into bed early, took an Asphalia For Natural Sleep capsule, and had the most pleasant sleep. I even woke an hour before my alarm! This was very good news as Spring is coming and even as a permaculturist, there’s a lot that needs to be done in the garden, so the extra hour will be spent digging.

Yesterday, I had placed my detox foot patches slightly higher towards the ball of my foot than previously. I’d thought that was good as it would mean I could tap more reflexology points. Last night, I thought twice about that. Would it really be a fair trial if I kept shifting? Even though the detox foot patch was only a centimeter or two from where it was each other night, I decided last night that I should stick at the original spot as closely as possible. Here’s what happened:

Detox Foot Patch - day 4

Detox Foot Patch – day 4

It’s probably worth a quick visual recap here:

Bodytox Detox Foot Patch - day 1

Bodytox Detox Foot Patch – day 1 (note on this the right foot patch is on the left and the left patch on the right of the picture unlike every other photo where they are the right way round)


Detox Foot Patch - Day 2

Detox Foot Patch – Day 2

Detox Foot Patch - Day 3

Detox Foot Patch – Day 3 – the day when I shifted them higher

Detox Foot Patch - day 4

Detox Foot Patch – day 4

Now I see the detox foot patches like this, they tell a better story of themselves. On day 1 I spoke about how my right foot was more congested and how my accupuncturist had already suggested this condition to me a fortnight prior to the trial. This is because I damaged the meniscus and cartilage in my knee on the right side and the swelling in the knee was preventing circulation being as good. On day 2 the patches clear, with less brown area and some big clear patches in the middle – I think this is the kidney or gallbladder, although it could be part of the colon, as I had a good clearance of there upon awakening! On day 3 I put them higher up the foot and they were all gunked up again. Although it seems to have been a good clearance from my personal detoxification point of view, it broke the chronology so I won’t do that again. Finally, on day 4 we see the same area as day 1 and 2 and you can see the clear patches in the centre once again but that also there’s a lot less area browning.

I’m not yet quite sure what it all means, but there’s clearly a trend developing. The fact that the patches don’t just always go brown whenever used is interesting; it suggests that it’s not just a scam where they’d always turn brown. Rather these detox foot patches seem to be following a pattern as my body detoxes. Weird! And very intriguing! Looking forward to tonight’s patch even more now.

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