Detox Foot Patch Detox – Day 2

It’s Misae again. Yesterday I talked about how I’d been talked into trying a detox using Bodytox Detox Foot Patches and in my previous post, I’d shared my initial thoughts and results. But it also seems I may have spouted off about the foot patches too early – the detox didn’t end when I posted in the morning!

To recap, in my first use of Bodytox Detox Foot Patches, I tried one on either foot while I slept. I felt an unusual inner warmth to my feet before nodding off and when I awoke my feet were host to a dull, aching that lingered on for hours.

I had a really busy and highly productive Monday which somewhat distracted me from the fact I developed quite a headache by lunchtime. This was slightly surprising as nothing else had changed other than I took the patches. I did all my usual routine – drink plenty of water on rising, have fruit smoothie for breakfast followed by a white tea then a lunch salad of shredded apples with home grown kale and cavelo nero, topped with raisins and pumpkin seeds. All raw and organic. I’d not been drinking the night before so had no real reason for the headache that I could discern other than the detox foot patches.


Kale – yum! Photo by

Towards late afternoon the headache left although I do confess I ate a bag of Tyrells Lightly Salted Potato Chips and Ferrero Roche; something I’d rarely eat normally! Not quite sure where that hunger pang came from although food cravings are not unusual on detoxes.

I was extremely productive yesterday and worked into the evening on personal paperwork I’d been putting off for months. I often find that when I am detoxing I get like this. I might clean up or I might plough through paperwork but for some reason, the heightened state of elimination in the body always seems to be accompanied by a mental detox. Unlike the headache, I wouldn’t mind being this focused more often!

I’ve just taken off my day 2 Bodytox Detox Foot Patches and I had the same strange heated foot sensation as the night before when the patches were on my feet. It’s strange because it’s not like head on the surface, like when you touch a hot water bottle or radiator. The skin touching the detox foot patch itself doesn’t feel warm; for me I feel like the inside flesh of the foot is being warmed.

I have a little ache in my feet; not as much as yesterday. I did however awake before my alarm which was unusual as I ended up sleeping very late for a Monday – it was just after 1am when I slept. I don’t feel as tired as I probably should. I did take an Asphalia For Natural Sleep capsule at about 12.30am because I knew working on the PC till so late had slaughtered my Melatonin production for the night.

I awoke and a quick, natural bowel movement. That’s not unusual for me; I eat a good diet with lots of fibre but just the last couple of weeks I’ve not gone immediately on waking, but some 20 minutes later. Perhaps the lack of movement since I hurt my knee combined with the mucus forming foods over Chinese New Year and Valentines had made a minor blockage? At any rate, I hadn’t been detoxing that way at my optimum and it felt good.

The ache on my foot is much diminished today. It’s there but much less so.

The most surprising part of today was looking at the detox foot patches after I removed them:

Detox Foot Patch - Day 2

Detox Foot Patch – Day 2

As you can see, both detox foot patches have a clear area in the centre. Both had been applied in the same place as the previous day’s foot patches – across the centre of the foot.

Reflexology foot map

Reflexology foot map

I checked this against the reflexology chart and sure enough the points I’m tapping relate to the colon! The extra easy evacuation does tie in with that well.

I’m feeling good today. I have a birthday party to go to tonight (not mine) so I know I’ll be eating some foods which are more fun than functional. I’m excited to see what tomorrow’s detox foot patch will bring. I’m starting to feel a lot more positive towards these detox foot patches than my initial skeptical view but I also now wonder if I just poo-pooed the idea because it seemed too easy compared to other detoxes I’d tried. I’ll update you some more tomorrow; till then, have an awesome day!

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