Miranda Kerr Uses Chlorella in Her A-List Beauty Regime

Miranda Kerr is one of the world’s top models and wife to actor Orlando Bloom. Yet one question she’s asked often is how does she stay so beautiful? Miranda’s mother works at an organic food company and a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is part of Miranda’s secret. Miranda is also a big fan of Yoga yet one trick she revealed to the Yummy Mummy Beauty is that she takes chlorella regularly. Chlorella has an amazing property that helps the body regenerate at the DNA level, which, combined with it’s big mineral profile, make it an ideal anti-ageing food supplement.

Miranda Kerr and Chlorella feature

Miranda Kerr and Chlorella feature (click for larger version)

Sun Chlorella make what is generally regarded as ‘the Mercedes Benz’ of chlorella supplements due to their stringent production and patented manufacturing processes. Available in both easy to take chlorella tablets or as their luxurious and healing chlorella skin cream, Sun Chlorella is the choice of celebrities and athletes yet is accessibly priced and quick to show results when used. Dr Brian Clements, director of the reknown Hipprocrates Healing Institute, told us during his visit to London this weekend that Sun Chlorella has been found useful in treating heavy metal toxicity when taken as part of a detoxification protocol and British heavyweight boxer, David Haye, has been one of a large number of well known athletes who use it for it’s healing powers. For the rest of regular users, taking Sun Chlorella daily is a great way of keep our body clear from contaminants, supporting our natural regeneration processes, building muscle, staying younger looking and feeling great. Learn more about Sun Chlorella here.

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