Four Reasons to Try Hopi Ear Candling

Ear Candling has been around for more than 80 years, although till this day we do not have the relevant information to tell us exactly how and where they were discovered. Ear candling is a holistic practice that has an energetic effect on our bodies. We wanted to find out the benefits of Ear Candling so we sent our Kayla and Angela to a seminar by Eterno Naturals where Dr Harmony herself spoke about the benefits of ear candling and demonstrated how the practice should be properly carried out.

Dr Harmony grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and had her many disbeliefs about ear candling and whether it would really work. It wasn’t until her own child was run down with endless ear infections for 6 months that she took Ear Candling as a last result after she had a consultation with Dr Berryhill, a naturopath doctor, even though she was unconvinced that it could work. She conducted four candles on her son’s ear and he was never sick again. This immediately shifted her state of mind and found that ear candles are a natural success.

Dr Harmony went on to create the Harmony Natural developing hand crafted ear candles “Out of the highest quality food grade wax available for the safest and cleanest burning candle on the market” as she puts it on the Harmony Natural website.

Doc Harmony, ear candling expert

Doc Harmony, ear candling expert 

The candles have been hand crafted for 19 years by single parents, those with disabilities and homeschooled families. Dr Harmony grins as she explains that “these candles are crafted by people who put their heart and soul into their work,” therefore you are getting the best product possible. Dr Harmony has candled over 10,000 people in her time and her favourite thing to hear is “It worked – I feel clearer!”

Dr Harmony has furthered investigated Ear Candles and the misconception that it comes from the Hopi Tribe and that it removes ear wax, yeast/candida, or bacteria/fungus from the ears which is extremely false. Ear Candles do not work as a vacuum but rather as a vortex that helps clear and open the ears in order for the body to actively heal itself.

You might want to try Ear Candling for these 4 important reasons:

  1. Ear Candling can be used for the relief of:
    • Ear and Sinus infections
    • Hearing Loss
    • Vertigo
    • Headaches
    • Stress
  1. When ear candling, it puts your body into a “relaxation sensation” which opens up the airways and allows the body to heal itself naturally through “relaxed wakefulness
  1. People who have tried them tell story after story of success. There is absolutely no negative impact the only thing that can happen is that there is no effect. So what is there to loose?
  1. It is a natural take on modern medicine and that has almost no carbon footprint!

After having been ear candled myself I would simply try it for the fact that it makes you feel instantly more mellow – quite the opposite to what I expected as the thought of a candle in my ear made me feel slightly anxious! The sensation is slightly warming and there’s a little background noise as it burns yet the relaxation effect is similar the feeling you get having awoken from an especially long and deep sleep when you’re still deeply relaxed. Definitely a far more healthful choice than a totty of rum before bed for those that find it hard to wind down!

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