Raw British Dining Experience Taste Explosion Invite!

We’re not financially connected to The Raw Food Party in anyway yet we know some of our customers will be pleased to know that Peter Pure, author of Lush Salads, is organising one of his fabulous raw food nights which combine fun, education and socialising over food to create a wonderful event. The following comes from him and if you’ve any queries please contact him or Raw Food Party directly:

Friday Evening 18th of March, Sunday Lunch 20th March

Hello, You are invited to my OFF THE CHARTS Raw British Dining Experience


British Spring Nettle Cocktail

“Crispy Bacon” Bites


Hot Butternut & Caramelised Onion Winter Soup with Almond Croutons


“Steak & Kidney” Pudding with Gravy
Note: this is Sun Blush Vegetable with Raw Suet Dough (and it is beyond outstanding!)

Hot Creamed Mashed Parsnips

Spring Vegetables


Strawberry Jam Rolly-Polly Pudding with Lucuma Custard (beyond awesome with Fresh Strawberries!)


Chocolate Truffles

OK! I know that you’re thinking this menu can’t possibly be true! But it is! I’ve been developing these recipes for a while now! And they ROCK!!

To book onto this raw live food gastronomic adventure, phone Lisa on 01733 759 648 have your card details handy. It is only £30 per head to attend. The dining will be in Swiss Cottage, London.


Friday Evening 18th of March; 7pm

Sunday Lunch 20th March; 12 noon

Note, all food is 100% plant based, raw, no weird chemicals, processed foods, cooking, mucking about, refined ingredients and is 3000% delicious. Guaranteed TASTE EXPLOSION! Phone us now to book your seat 01733 759 648

Peter Pure


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