What’s the Difference Between Blockbuster AllClear and SerraEzyme?

Blockbuster AllClear and SerraZyme are both well known enzyme therapy products by Good Health Naturally. Both contain the enzyme Robert Redfern wrote about in his book,”The Miracle Enzyme“, serrapeptase. So what’s the difference?

What’s in Blockbuster AllClear?

A quick scan of the formula shows that this isn’t just serrapeptase. It’s also Nattokinase, proteolitic enzymes like protease, lipase and amylase and a range of supporting co-factor placed into a synergistic blend. For those of you into the great habit of reading the label of anything you’re going to consume, here’s the full breakdown right from the Blockbuster AllClear bottle:

Blockbuster AllClear Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Blockbuster AllClear Capsules s
Blockbuster AllClear Servings Per Container: 120
Amount Per Serving Information
Ingredient % D.V.*
Serrapeptase 40,000 IU
Nattokinase 1600 FU
Protease 20,000 HUT
Lipase 1000 LU
Amylase 4000 SKB
Cellulase 600CU
Lactase 1000 ALU
Acerola 17.5% 50 mg
Amla 45% Tannins 50 mg
Olive Leaf Citrus Blend Citrolive™ 200 mg
Sierrasil™ 100 mg
Lactospore Probiotics 15 million 25 mg
Seaprose S 5 mg
Grapeseed Extract 25% 100 mg
Policosanol 6 mg
Pycnogenol® 10 mg
*Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients: HPMCP enteric coated Serrapeptase, brown rice powder, silicon dioxide, stearic acid.

What is in SerraZyme?

SerraZyme is a concentrated serrapeptase formula. In fact each capsule has twice the amount of serrapeptase in it than a Blockbuster AllClear capsule has. But that’s all it has. This is a concentrated 80,000IU enteric coated capsule designed for maximum serrapeptase delivery and nothing else.

So which enzyme formula should I use?

Go for the big one! Get Blockbuster AllClear, it’s got everything, right? Wrong. Building health is about using the right tool for the job. Both products are great formulas in themselves and although similar in that they contain serrapeptase, both are substantially different.

For arterial cleansing – for instance if you’ve been a fan of smoking, eating meat, fried foods and are concerned you aren’t doing enough to maintain cardiovascular health – Blockbuster AllClear’s synergistic formula is ideal and many people have written their personal experiences of how it has helped them.

For arthritis and other inflammation based conditions, SerraZymes high dose serrapeptase makes a significant aid to wellbeing by reducing inflammation.

Noting the difference may help you choose the right enzyme therapy product for you. Do note that we also have instructions for use of serrapeptase.

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