Can you create a rainforest free food supply?

The following came to me via Friends of The Earth and is an important update on their MOOvement for rainforest free food. I wanted to share it for like minds who aren’t yet involved – it’s a great debate and do make your voice heard

Rob Flello MP

My name’s Robert Flello, and I’m the MP who put forward the Sustainable Livestock Bill in Parliament.

The Bill calls for Government action to tackle the massive climate and wildlife damage caused by current processes used in factory farming of meat and dairy.

Thanks to everyone who has already shown their support by joining Friends of the Earth’s MOOvement for rainforest-free food this summer.

My colleagues are back from recess today, so I need your help to make this crucial Bill the first thing they hear about.

Please email your MP today and urge them to support the Bill.

I need at least 100 of my colleagues to be with me in the House of Commons on 12 November so that this Bill stands a real chance of passing into law.

Please urge your MP to be with me on the 12th – and thank you for all your support in getting the Bill this far.

Thank you,

Rob Flello
MP for Stoke-on-Trent South

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