Yearly Archive: 2011

45 Reasons to Take Serrapeptase

The following information was passed to us by Robert Redfern of Good Health Naturally. Their Blockbuster AllClear and SerraEnzyme Serrapeptase enzyme formulas are our most popular products and can be very useful in supporting health due to their function of…
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Takeda Discontinue Dasen Enzymes

Takeda are the biggest pharmaceutical company in Japan and on the 21st February they voluntarily withdrew their Dasen® anti-inflammatory enzyme product from the market in Japan. In the official press release it says: Osaka, Japan, February 21, 2011 – Takeda…
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Why So Many Different Enzymes?

Enzymes are often described as the catalyst of life and their role as the enabling agent should not be underestimated. Whilst the body uses enzymes for a myriad of different functions there are two types which are used therapeutically: Systemic…
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